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Full Version: Tryna' Buy Some Dynamite Cores, Primarily Valkyrie
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What is up my dudes, dudettes, dudelings, and duderinos? Do to a couple of incidents involving the bad combination of thin locks and dash drivers, I've found myself in the very specific market for a Ragnaruk Dynamite core, and more importantly, a Valkyrie Dynamite core. I would just order the full layers from 3.Style and get some extra armors out of it as well, but the Savior Valkyrie layer and all three layers with Ragnaruk cores are long sold out and don't seem to be getting restocked anytime soon. Therefore, I thought I'd see if I could possibly get the two here.

Basically, while I most certainly am interested in buying the blue Valkyrie core, as I don't want to pay an exuberant amount of money just for it to be red, the Ragnaruk core can be any of the three releases. Although, I imagine that that would probably mean the gold one or the blue one. I'm willing to buy entire layers if that's how you'd prefer to sell them, but I will not buy the entire Beyblade unless it's being offered at a lower-than-retail price. I mean, to put it bluntly, there's no reason for me not to just get the whole thing from Mall of Toys at that point. Though of course, this post wouldn't exist if I was willing to do that from the get-go. Oh, with-stickers is preferred, by the way!

Anyways, if you'd like to sell one or both of these Dynamite cores to me, send me a DM! Thanks!
What prices are you looking for?
(Oct. 24, 2021  6:52 AM)GreaterLonginus Wrote: [ -> ]What prices are you looking for?

I'm not too picky as long as they're fair. For reference, Savior πerseus uses the same blade as Savior Valkyrie, and also has a gimmick core, and as just a layer it evidently goes for about $11. So I guess for an entire Savior Valkyrie layer, I'm willing to pay around that price range. For just a core though, I'd be willing to go up to maybe $6-7 for Valkyrie, $4-5 for a blue or gold Ragnaruk. ($7-8 for a whole Dynamite/Cyclone Ragnaruk layer.)
(Crickets chirping)