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Full Version: Oct-17-2021: "Double Drift or Double Bearing Deck ?!" reports
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The following are words I have to say about "Double Drift or Double Bearing Deck ?!", a Burst standard tournament.

- It was cold. It was windy. It was cold. It was windy. I ended up putting on a jacket before I left home, and used my fingerless wool handwarmers all tournament. The wind did not appear to mess with matches significantly, although it sure messed with us. It has gotten cold over here in the Mid-Atlantic, and temperatures are dropping. I think we're nearing the end of outdoor tournament season, and indoor tournament season is unlikely to resume this year, being 2021.

- We had a 27 person 6 round swiss tournament. We ran 3 beystadiums and they were usually running matches. It took a long time compared to other tournaments and rounds 3-5 and the finals had a lot of tied matches. Those were unpleasant.

- We had the usual issues of people leaving early without telling judges. 2 people. No sense worrying about it.

- Crisiscrusher has the good boxes that keep the beystadiums from moving around too much. Good stuff as always.

- came to a tournament after a long absence! He did well, considering. It was good to see him again.

- I helped main judge one of the three beystadiums. We had around 10 judges total out of 27 people. This didn't go quickly because ties. People are still using Guilty a lot. Sometimes it's working, sometimes it isn't. I saw some experiments with the new Dangerous layer, but overall I'd say it isn't holding it's own against Dynamite. Still a fair amount of Roar and Vanish.

- Ties are still a problem.

- I went 3-2 in the first round. It's not that my standard combos are bad, it's that they're often very close ties. Bunch of 2-3 matches. What can I say, I gamble!

- One of the beystadiums I brought for use in the tournament now has a crack in it. I'm going to try to put clear tape over the spot once I get it set back in place. If I had to guess, I'd say a Guilty pierced it briefly. Well, that's life!

- We had a 3 way tie for the last spot of the finals, between me, , and . We had to do a round robin. MamaBey beat both of us (there were a lot of ties) and that was that! I have no regrets.

- I goofed judging a match in the finals. MamaBey's deck had 2 Bahamut chips in it. She was unfamiliar with the parts, having to borrow them from LJ-Blader (although realistically speaking she may have paid for them to begin with, so, potentially vice versa, hahahahaha). Anyway, no sense throwing out the 1 point so far from that; I had LJ replce one of the Bahamuts with a Fafnir, problem solved. I don't even think she'd won a point with the previously Bahamut equipped Guilty, so, meh. Judges, keep an eye on those decks for duplicate parts! Don't forget to check DB armors!

- True to the title of this tournament, we did see Drift and Drift Metal in the same deck. It got MamaBey as far as 4th place, so yes, it works really well. Being able to put Drift on both Roar and Guilty is powerful. I could see it being powerful on Roar and Dynamite. You've got options now... too many terrible options. Seriously, Staff, fix this. I didn't see any double bearing decks, but we used to have a "no dash and non-dash of the same tip in one deck" rule. One day, it went away. I don't know why. I can't think of a single Good reason why. I can think of many BAD reasons to take that rule away. Seriously, just make it so you can have ONE of a kind of a tip in a deck. One Destroy, instead of up to 3 of Destroy Destroy' Destroy Metal Destroy Hasbro and Destroy-S and whatever other Hasbro Destroys there are.

- Folks, please stay away from judge when they're actively judging a match. Talk to ANY OTHER ORGANIZER. Leave the judges alone. Do not spectate from directly to the left or right of a judge; you will cause distractions in their peripheral vision and potential agitate the heck out of them. Do not ask judges questions while they are actively judging a match or trying to assess the results of a tie video. Do not approach the judge with questions or spectating on numerous occasions after they ask you to stop or move. They should only have to ask once. Next time I will be escalating these concerns to the tournament organizer.

- I don't know what the heck TT is doing, this is ridiculous. Bearing' and Drift Metal? In a WBBA tournament, you could wind up with 2 Drifts and 2 Bearings in one 5G deck I completely believe they're just trying to run Burst into the ground before they just stop making it. Because I don't see how another season can recover from the amount of powercreep in this one.

Came close to finals, didn't make it. But I had fun, other people had fun, and the tied matches are a burden. I am tired, I am cold.
actually used a double Bearing deck and got to 3rd place.
And I got 4th place