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Full Version: LF: Plastic Parts (Priority: Volcano Tip + SG Grip Tip)
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I recently bought a lot that had a bunch of good parts, but a lot of them were missing some important pieces. If you have any spares/parts you don't want, please DM me and we can negotiate a price.

Here are the things I'm looking for:
  • The Volcano Change Base Tip or SG Grip Base Tip (I have the Volcano Change Base and the Magne Flat Base, but they lack their tips).
  • The Wide Defense or Wide Survivor Weight Disks.
  • Any Spare Sub-Attack Rings you have (The main ARs I have are Great Dragon, War Lion, & War Bear).
  • Support Parts (Survivor Ring and Cross Survivor)
  • SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft
  • Any spare Engine Gears (even if they're broken, it's cool; just remember the CEW if it's a Customize Gear).
  • Support Parts (Survivor Ring and Cross Survivor)
  • The Tip to Gaia Dragoon's G Special Base.
  • Extra NSK or POM Bearings (This might be asking for a lot, but out of the three bearings I have, I only have one NSK Shielded Bearing, the other two are Metal).
Thank you very much for your help.