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Full Version: Lr launcher problem
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Hey guys, have a pretty important question to ask you guys

So recently my lr string launcher (the one that comes with Master Diabolos) has not been working properly. 

Let me elaborate

The launcher is no longer launching properly. The string works fine, the lr mode changer is fine, its the launches that are just bad. 

Whenever I launch a beyblade using a lot of power, the launcher would normally launch the beyblade with the same amount of power I put into it. 

Now whenever I use a lot of power into the launch, it launches the beyblade pretty weakly. 

Honestly its really hard to describe it without a video, but im going to try anyway. 

I took apart the launcher, and took a look at launching mechanism, where you put the beyblade. The black cap with the prongs, there are these little teeth there and another plastic piece that fits with the teeth. I think the launching cap is worn out, cos the teeth on the rim of the cap look very worn

are there any solutions that you guys have. My solution is to just get another launching cap but I am open to other suggestions
What you pointed out might be the main issue. If you could tell me how long you had your launcher that could be helpful. After a lot of use the gears do wear down and eventually just stop working. I had this same issue with my previous launcher (Long LR Launcher from CZA).
Do you spin your launcher to the point of clicking when/before you launch?
If you clicked the launcher when you put your beys in, the gears inside wear down and eventually break.