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Full Version: Collection of 36 Beyblades (TT and Hasbro)
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Link to eBay listing:

I have them listed as a lot but if you want any individual ones please let me know.
Bump listing
Are you selling separately or just as a lot?
What era of Beys are these?
From the OP, it looks like they can be sold separately. From the eBay listing, it shows a lot of MFB beys, mostly the more common and less meta-competitive parts, for a total price of $280. None of the tips are pictured, so I doubt anyone would seriously go for it without knowing. Mostly Hasbro although it doesn't matter as much back during MFB, a few TT, two of the Hasbro-exclusive non-WBO usable XTS beys, two Synchrome beys.