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Full Version: Beyblade Halloween Costumes+Theme General Discussion
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Hello. So I got myself thinking about Halloween after seeing VirtuousCircle’s planned tournament on October 30th. I was thinking about a beyblade character costume, but then I remembered the episode in the 1st season when rantaro and valt were battling in real life beyblade costumes, so I wanna see if there are any and ask my parents if they will buy it for my Halloween costume. This is a general thread, if it’s already been created just delete this, to talk about beyblade Halloween related stuff. Like Halloween themed beys (ex: Lucifer, belial, satan) or beyblade Halloween costumes and other stuff. Enjoy!
Ok, I can’t find any beyblade costumes. There’s a couple which are decently accurate but not really. I’ve given up on beyblade characters at this point, but does anyone know where I can find a Valt Aoi hoodie or something? Like the hoodie/vest he wears in the anime. Maybe I could find a free de la hoya arm piece or something (the blue arm strap he has in the anime). I might come to the tournament I mentioned in the first post with Halloween themed beys, that’d be cool and people might not excpect what I’d use.

This is so expensive! I mean it’s beyblade so it’s worth the money, but my parents won’t let me buy something with that price. Maybe someone else will find this link useful (though it might not fit anyone 13+ just by looking at it)