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Full Version: Energy Layer Base/Ring - Hollow (Hasbro)
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Hollow is an Energy Layer Base released as part of the Speedstorm System. It debuted with the release of Hollow Doomscizor D6 12 Xceed-SP.


Hollow is an Energy Layer base with one large scythe on one side, and three smaller blades on the other side. The imbalanced weight distribution, caused by the scythe being heavier than the other blades, is meant to cause imbalance in combinations using this Energy Layer Base, as a means of destabilizing the opponent. However, this Energy Layer Base has two severe flaws: It has almost no Stamina to speak of, and it weighs very little. The lacking weight means it has no chance of destabilizing the opponent, and is instead more liable to being knocked around. There is no metal, unlike the Takara Tomy counterpart, and this Energy Layer Base cannot hold Chassis. This lacking weight and the distribution of what weight it does have makes it a woefully ineffective attacker.

Hollow, even with a tight Storm Chip such as Dragon D6, is a very light Storm base, and is outclassed by many other attacking options. Since there is less weight behind the scythe and blades, it is a far less effective option for attack than the Takara Tomy counterpart, which has more weight and stamina, or even other Hasbro Energy Layers, such as Turbo Valtryek or Nightmare Luinor, which are either heavier or have more stamina in addition to better attacking potential. 


The Hollow Energy Layer base is very light, and has an ineffectual attacking shape that hinders it from any form of success competitively, and there are many better options, even for a Hasbro based metagame. Thus, Hollow should be considered for collection purposes only. 

==Product List==
F0629 - Hollow Doomscizor 12 Xceed-SP (Clear and Black)