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Full Version: witch is better
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witch is better in you guys opinion
(Sep. 27, 2021  7:37 PM)Haydenjhart Wrote: [ -> ]witch is better in you guys opinion

There’s no title. Which one of what is better? If this is the evlution’ and spiral’ question there’s already a thread you made for that.
Zone’+z would be your best spin steal driver for burst resistance and defense too.

Wave’ could be a great stamina drive since it’s tall and destabilizes beys.

Spiral’ is a nice balance type driver (I know it’s called an attack type but it’s actually a balance type) since it’s fast and has good stamina

Zone without the +z is useless with the other stuff you have.
Try conducting your own testing and see which driver favors it better. Also questions like these should go into the Questions forums not the Beyblade Wiki forums.
why is bearing not here its the best option tbh