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Full Version: Energy Layer Base/Ring - Triumph
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Triumph is an Energy Layer Base released as part of the Speedstorm System. It debuted with the release of Triumph Dragon D6 Armed Charge Metal-SPM.


Triumph is an Energy Layer base with four primary attacking blades, which are stylized like dragon wings. Compared to other attacking layers. however, they are less pronounced. This is because, unlike its Takara Tomy counterpart, it does not have wings that can extend outward, which accounted for the round shape of Tempest. It also cannot hold any chassis, rendering it extremely light, which is not helped by the fact that it is hollowed out on the bottom.

Despite this, Triumph finds some use in the Limited format. Its performance is comparable to Tide Treptune T3 and Archer Hercules H4, as it is a similar mix of desirable Defense and Stamina traits. It is a rather rounded layer with excellent outward weight distribution, despite being hollow, and it is not raised as much as other Surge Energy Layer Bases, reducing the ability to destabilize combinations using Triumph.

==Use in Defense/Stamina Combinations==

Triumph Dragon D6 00/0/7/10Cross/Expand Atomic/Atomic-S/Absorb-S offers an excellent mix of Defense and Stamina traits that make it viable in Limited format. While it may have slightly less Stamina than other options in that role, such as Archer Hercules H4, it is still usable as a safe hybrid combo.


The Triumph Energy Layer base is very light, and does not offer any gimmicks or support Chassis, unlike Tempest from Takara Tomy. This, plus the round shape as a result of the lacking gimmick, make this ring ineffectual for Attack combinations. However, this round shape and an excellent outward weight distribution does provide viability in the Burst Limited format, despite being highly outclassed in Standard. Thus, Triumph is a must-have for competitive players of Burst Limited.

==Product List==
F0568 - Triumph Dragon D6 Armed Charge Metal-SPM (White and Gold)
F0661 - Slayer Showdown Battle Set - Triumph Devolos D6 4 Universe-SPM (Yellow and Silver)