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Full Version: NIB Storm Pegasis 2x + Atk/Bal. Reshuffle Set + Metal Face + Plastics!
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If I don't sell anything here, I will be dumping these on Ebay. I just thought I'd try to sell it to the people of the WBO first Smile

1. Looking for plastics? Post on the thread.
2. Just send me an offer first. I am lazy to list out prices. We can negotiate there.
3. The winner agrees to pay all and any shipping amount at the end of the auction. I'd do international shipping if needed.
4. I only accept PAYPAL.

NIB Storm Pegasis 2x
NIB BB-21 Attack and Balance Type Reshuffle Set
NIB Metal Face 2x
NIB Beylauncher Grip

NIB Metal Ball Defenser
NIB Dranzer F
NIB Kid Dragoon
NIB Trygle
NIB Jumping Base (Hasbro)
NIB Wing Attacker
NIB Driger G (dark purple recolor)
NIB Metal Driger (Hasbro Dark Green recolor)
Gabriel (No stickers)
Spike Lizard
Dark Dragoon
Dark Driger (painted with sharpie)
Dark Dranzer
Auto Change Balancer
Dranzer V2 (out of the box/unassembled)
Dranzer GT
Dragoon G
Dragoon GT
Driger V2
Driger G
Draciel S
Draciel F
Draciel V2
Draciel G
Burning Kerberous
Wolborg IV
Metal Driger (HMC)
Flash Leopard
Gaia Dragoon V
Master Dragoon
Master Draciel
Master Driger
Metal Dranzer

Hasbro Gabriel

+ more! Ask for them!
PM'd you.
Is the reshuffle set the Metal System one, or the Hybrid System one?
what exactly would you want for the dark dranzer and dranzer v2
Read the OP. It says to pm him to negotiate prices.
(Jun. 16, 2010  8:17 AM)Daegor42 Wrote: [ -> ]Is the reshuffle set the Metal System one, or the Hybrid System one?

It's the BB-21 one, so metal I think.
Yeah that's metal system. It's going for quite a bit these days.
if you dump jumping base i would buy it but put it on hold until i get the permision okay
I PM's you
Why the Necro-Bump???
Would you trade for any of your dark sries beys?
dude what a necro read the date of the post