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Full Version: Blade - Cyclone
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Cyclone (サイクロン, Saikuron) is a Blade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. It debuted in Japan with the release of the B-181 Random Booster Vol. 25 on April 24th, 2021.
Cyclone, like its predecessor Glide, is a stamina type Blade. Unlike Glide, it reverts back to the 2 stamina wings last seen on Crash/Blaze Ragnaruk. Its shape is also very reminiscent of Crash/Blaze, except it wings are much longer. Furthermore, the fact that core can be customised mitigates the Ragnaruk line's infamously poor burst resistance.

Like Blaze/Crash Ragnaruk, the stamina wings are meant to  extend from their hinges and increase a Beyblade's stamina by increasing the Layer's Outward Weight Distribution (OWD), while the gimmick is more effective than its predecessors, it still doesn't have that big of an impact. However, they can function as some sort of shock absorbers as the wings slide back [font="Source Sans Pro", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]slightly when hit and decrease the impact taken by the combination.[/font]

As part of the Dynamite Battle Layer System, Cyclone is designed to incorporate the Low and High Modes of a Dynamite Battle Core and Armor piece combination. In High Mode specifically the wings don't push back as much, creating a gimmick akin to a Geist Fafnir at high spin speeds, but not good enough to match dedicated Attack parts like Rage. 
==Use in Stamina Combinations==
Cyclone can be used in the combination Cyclone Belial I/Perseus Giga/Over Never/Eternal/Bearing/Bearing' (Low Mode). The strong teeth of Belial I/Perseus gives the combination stromg burst resistance that the weight of the latter in addition to Giga/Over's own weight may bring while keeping the Stamina of Never/Eternal/Bearing/Bearing'. It is set in Low Mode to maximise its stamina due to the low centre of gravity.
Cyclone is a is a vast improvement over its predecessor Gide due to reverting back to round in shape. The Burst Resistance of the Layer makes is a great choice for Defense Combinations with greater Stamina than other Layers and its smooth perimeter makes it a consistent counter against Vanish and Mirage.
As such, Takara Tomy's Cyclone is a must-have for competitive bladers.
You could mention how the larger wings than Ragnaruk's predecessors mean that it can take hits a little easier, as the wings slide back slightly when hit and decrease the impact taken by the combination.

Might want to check about this though, i'm just speculating that that's what's happening, especially against left-spin combinations Cyclone makes a rapid, light, clacking noise.