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Full Version: PSP Metal Fight Beyblade Portable Transcendence Reincarnation! Vulcan Horuseus
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Litteral title : Metal Fight Beyblade Portable chouzetsu tensei (超絶転生)! Vulcan Horuseus

I think it is correct to assume that it will come with the Vulcan Horuseus Beyblade.

This game will be released on the PlayStation Portable, in Japan, on October 21st 2010. It will still cost approximately 5,775 yen.
FINALLY a metal fight beyblade game for psp a bit pricey though 43 quid for a game
Is there some information of the special beyblade with the game?
I would have posted the information if there was any ...
Finally a MFB game for Sony I hope one comes out for ps3! Grin
Yay gonna get this hopefully it comes with a special bey.
(Jun. 13, 2010  6:31 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]I would have posted the information if there was any ...
Yeah,sorry.I really have to think before posting
I know you do the best you can Smile
probably seeing as this is even more expensive than the other which both contained beys
That's an awesome title, lmao.

Atleast they're choosing platforms that are region-free (well, except the Wii). I can't see them making a PS3 game simply because of the costs vs. sales aspect not being in their favour. Considering this is Hudson, I also wouldn't be surprised if the game uses assets from Gachinko Stadium.

This would also be the first Beyblade game not on a Nintendo console since the PS1 days, wow.
... Vulcan Horseus. Who ever comes up with these names needs to be hobbled Tired
Finally! I've been waiting for this! Smile

Thanks Kai-V!
Wow! That's a bit odd, because a few days ago I was thinking about getting a PSP and now this! Lol I guess I better get a PSP before this game comes out because it sounds pretty awsome!
horseus, LOL

I'm more excited for a PSP game than a DS one, tbh.
If Saigo wants to translate :



There will be 173 parts to choose from.
(Jun. 13, 2010  10:04 PM)♥ Wrote: [ -> ]horseus, LOL

I'm more excited for a PSP game than a DS one, tbh.

i hear ya better graphics ect this is going to be sweet
my psp will finally be honorable again
(Jun. 14, 2010  1:53 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]There will be 173 parts to choose from.
I didn't even know there were that many MFB parts Chocked_2
If the blade is actually decent I might have to get this...
(Jun. 14, 2010  4:31 PM)NOVA Wrote: [ -> ]my psp will finally be honorable again

lol after the disgrace of modnation racers and lego star wars
and btw i dont really care about how good this bey is if it has a wb im getting it due to me giving my last MINT
WB to heart
Modnation is a pretty fun game, Lego Star Wars was released years ago, and is a direct console port (ie. never expect good things from these). How do you miss MGS5 though? Anyways, I don't think you should put any faith in a Beyblade game being good. There's a long history of trash in this franchise.
Firstly, if you're looking anywhere for decent psp games, then it's before crisis and dissidia.
Secondly, this isn't the place to start rating the psp's game archive, do that in gaming random thoughts if you have to.
The accompanying Beyblade's silhouette can be seen here :
... That shape is really weird.

Totally getting this anyway, no matter the bey it comes with Grin
[Image: VulcanHorseus_PSP1-1.jpg]

A thread for Vulcan Horseus with a much better picture has been created.

I wish October was here already. this game looks so cool.
Oh, I thought I had not forgotten to post the bottom picture ...
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