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Full Version: Metal saga preservation and recreation
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I am proposing a addition to the BEYBLADE wiki, I think it would be useful for the wiki to include measurements of metal saga parts and/or .obj files, for the purposes of knowing the BEYBLADES exact size and for 3D printing replicas so we can enjoy playing with cool beyblades without worrying about breaking an expensive collectible.

Feel feel to share information and files on this thread itself
Though I appreciate the idea, I'm pretty sure giving people the chance to make their own fake parts is not a great idea right now.
Oh, is that a big problem? I’m new to the community and just thought it would be cool to recreate old beys for fun. I didn’t know it was a problem Unhappy
3d printed and fake parts are not allowed in WBO tournaments. Feel free to use them on your own non-WBO battles.
I’m just wonder where to get files to make parts for play with my siblings.