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Full Version: Beyblade Burst SK Drive/Cyber Force
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Chapter 27 of Mystic Clash is out.

Bozo may rest in piece Next Chapter: A Not So Happy Ending! Valkyrie Vs. Aphrodite!!
Sorry for not posting in a while. I'm busy but I should have a Mystic Clash Chapter coming up soon. I'm trying to put more effort and make my Chapters better so they've taken a bit of a while but I finished Chapter 28 of SK Drive, I hope you enjoy it.

Next Chapter: The Abyss King Reborn! Devastate Deimos!!
Yay. UnseenBurst isn't dead. In all seriousness, I am very much alive and working on Fanfiction it's just taking longer since I'm putting in more effort and trying to make them really good. And I don't post much here anymore since the Forums are kinda dead and only post if I feel like need to. I'm more active on the Discord. Anyways, here is Chapter 41 of Mystic Clash, enjoy.
Next Chapter: Full Power! A True Blader and Bey Bond!!

cool name bro
I made a Discord Server for my Fanfictions if anybody wants to hop on and join. You can basically just talk about whatever you want here, just be chill, and don't be too weird. And I recommend you be 13+ because of Discord's TOS. Uh... Do I really need to say more? Just join if you want to, if the link isn't working tell me and I'll refresh it, I'll try refreshing it once a week.
Chapter 29 of Beyblade Burst SK Drive is finally finished. Sorry, it took a while, I'll try being faster for next upcoming Chapters.

Next Chapter: Redemption! A Blader's Revolution!!
I know I haven't been reading your fanfics in a long time, but this chapter is amazing, and your style of writing has evolved in my perspective
Chapter 42 of Mystic Clash has been released through the Power of Music.
Next Chapter: A Wise Rebirth! Odyssey Athena!!
I AM BACK (hello unseen)
Chapter 30 of SK Drive has crashed and landed on Mars. Lel, imagine.
Thanks for helping me out with my recent chapters through Discord

Next Chapter: A Third Sun God?! Bright Amaterasu
Quick BTW that Chapters are going to be coming out slower because I just started School. Just thought I should let you all know.
AU will be making a return...
AU Episode 5 will release September 24th. It’ll be dubbed: Satoshi Rivaled?! Baku Vs. Satoshi!!

Invite Link Updated
Sorry I'm a bit late on this but Episode 5 of AU is out now:
(Sep. 29, 2022  1:25 AM)UnseenBurst Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry I'm a bit late on this but Episode 5 of AU is out now:

truly the battle ever
(Sep. 29, 2022  5:22 PM)Cindercast Wrote: [ -> ]
(Sep. 29, 2022  1:25 AM)UnseenBurst Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry I'm a bit late on this but Episode 5 of AU is out now:

truly the battle ever
Fr though
I'll write up a chapter next weekend. Kinda feeling lazy and at the same time I have to speedrun an Essay on Paper
(Sep. 29, 2022  1:25 AM)UnseenBurst Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry I'm a bit late on this but Episode 5 of AU is out now:

wicked chapter
Sorry for the Chapter Drought! Life hits hard and I've kinda been obsessed with a Video Game but I'll definitely take time to work on a New SK Drive Chapter. I can't guarantee that it'll be finished by the end of this coming weekend but I'll definitely try.
Sorry I haven't been able to post chapters lately. My Computer Enter Key Broke so it made it really hard to make Chapters but luckily my family member got a New Computer so from now on I'll be stealing that computer to write on. I'm hoping to have a Chapter up by tomorrow and its not going to be anything I've made in the past. It's going to be a New Series since I felt like Mystic Clash was dragging on and it was really hard to write and I barely remember anything from it so that's going to make it really hard to write so I decided to discontinue it. If you're on the BeyFics Discord Server then you may have already seen some of my drawings which are really bad and I apologize for that but they are some of the characters that will be in my New Series!

Enough with the "New Series" Suspense and I'm going to just talk about the series for a bit here. It's going to be called Beyblade Burst Cyber Force and none of the Characters from the Burst Anime are going to be in it. It's going to be a Whole New Series with a bunch of New Characters. I'm trying to have a lot of New Motifs in this series but there will also be some old ones from the Burst Anime. The Gist of the Story is basically about the Main Protagonist (Rensuke Kageyama) being an Avid Blader and said to have No Emotions whatsoever. (Kinda Inspired by Mob from Mob Psycho) and he's Goal is to surpass everybody in the entire world and be crowned World Champion. He's got a Strong Bond with his Beyblade that connects with his emotions so some of his emotions show when he is battling. The Beyblade System is going to be called the Cyber System and I'll get to a System Description by tomorrow morning.

SK Drive will be continued and my Writing Schedule is to probably have 1-2 Chapters Out Per Weekend and work on both Fanfictions every other week from each other. For Example, I would start working on an SK Drive Chapter on Friday and try having it out by Sunday Afternoon or Evening and then have a Cyber Force Chapter out next weekend in the same process. I'll probably have 2 Cyber Force Chapters out this week since I'm off School for Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving btw). I'm hoping to have 1 of each fanfics have a chapter every 2 Weeks but life is weird so I may slack off sometimes but I'll try to be more on top on writing now. Thanks for reading my stuff guys!

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Sorry for the Bad Drawings lol!
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