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Full Version: Thank You WBO - From A Retired Seller NBeyBladeManiac
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Before I start, it is so great to see this community still so lively as it was back when I was on here a lot. I don't have the right words to use and I feel I have so much to share but I'll try my best to begin.

Hi WBO, I'm NBeybladeManiac. 

For those of you who don't know me, I was a seller on these forums in 2012 I believe, selling Metal Fight and Metal Fury beyblades.

I loved selling on these forums, they were the highlight of my day, everyday logging on after school, it was what I looked forward to most. I loved Beyblades, and I have to say that excitement is still there now, nearly 9 years later. 

When I searched up "Mercury Anubis 85XF" and also when I saw "L-Drago Destroy Gold Armoured version" I got so excited, right like when I was a child, I honestly think I will be purchasing a few  Joyful_3

Then when I saw Sol Blaze! Wow! Still looking as cool as ever. 

To be honest, I was about 11 or 12 when I first started selling on these forums. The development of the business was crazy, I loved being able to send these Beyblades all over the world and fulfil such exciting orders.

I was still building up my own money at the time and reinvesting profits back into the business so I didn't really get to buy the limited edition Beyblades, but it was still super cool when a customer would order a limited edition Beyblade and I would ship one in from Japan, then forward it on. Literally just holding the box, knowing what was inside sent chills. 

Despite having to reinvest profits back to the business, I still managed to build a nice little Beyblade collection. I still have them, looking back brings so many memories. It was a big deal for me at the time because when I first started this business I had maybe 1 or 2 Beyblades for myself. Then by the time I had ended this business I had somewhere closer to 20. 

My Beyblade sales life back then felt like something like a secret identity. I was operating in Singapore at the time, where they take your academics very seriously. By day I was working hard for my grades, by the afternoon I was replying to customer messages and fulfilling Beyblade orders all over the world  Tongue_out_wink

I also felt a little bit lonely back then, I'd just moved to Singapore, didn't really feel comfortable in the environment so having this community was amazing. 

There were other sellers I looked up to like AkirasDaddy and dimsum2u, truly I felt they were legends. 

Then the all powerful and all mighty Kai-V, in the eyes of a 12 year old I really respected you, you just seemed so chill and handled administration so well.

When I reread some of the final messages left on my sales thread I just felt so compelled to communicate back. There were people wishing me good luck on future businesses and such and the journey I'm on now, well, I would definitely like to share that but will come back to it. 

Running this business back then taught me so many skills that would shape and define so much of what I would later do in life.

It taught me how to professionally communicate, It taught me how to be patient, It taught me how to not look desperate with sales, It taught me the value of time and how to have processes in place to not burn out, It taught me about shipping and logistics, It taught me about sales, It taught me about eBay and Paypal as well as their limitations (which would later become such a huge core of what I am doing now). 

It truly expanded my understanding of online sales and wow, I don't know who I'd be if not for this period in my life. Truly so grateful. Made me mature faster too!

I was on a video call with my friend at the time, as I was going through my old posts and looking at old legendary Beyblades, he saw how excited I got and encouraged me to buy some rare ones. He also asked me if I would be interested in selling them again and I told him "I don't know but it would be pretty cool". 

Also FYI, I'm currently typing this at work hahaha. 

If I ever were to sell Beyblades again I think I would enjoy it, they're very cool. I'd probably need more time to relearn some of the new Beyblades and am not sure if any of the old Metal Fight and Metal Fury beys (which I have most knowledge on) I use to sell are still popular. 

Now 9 years later at the age of 21, the learnings I learnt from here, of online sales, was one of the catalysts to me creating this:

It's a new eCommerce marketplace like eBay and Amazon, where people can buy and sell using both credit card and cryptocurrency.

I created it because of my difficulties with eBay and Paypal, and my first difficulty with PayPal was actually encountered with my first sale right on this forum. 

I'd love to see things in my life come full circle, I might try selling Beyblades again on my platform and here if anyone were interested, but can't confirm any of this yet because of how busy I am creating this platform. 

I hope to hear back from the community, feel free to send me a message if you're after a Beyblade or just want to talk. If any old friends or customers are still here, it'd be amazing to hear from you again! 

Thanks for one of the most memorable times in my life WBO,
Niv (NBeybladeManiac)
Hi! I think metal beyblade are still sellable. There are lots of metal fans out there who would be willing to buy some!
You live in Singapore? Cool!
(Jul. 30, 2021  8:16 AM)HyperSpriggan Wrote: [ -> ]Hi! I think metal beyblade are still sellable. There are lots of metal fans out there who would be willing to buy some!
You live in Singapore? Cool!

Hey! That's pretty cool, I'll look into it. 

Haha I moved there and was living there while I was running this. I now live in Australia.