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Full Version: Plastic OHKO Left-Spin Combo
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Normally people use some whale crusher variant, but what about left-spin?
If you want a horrible win percentage, but an amazing match, try this out. I garuntee a KO (for which beyblade? Who knows), if contact is made early enough.
Don't even try this unless you have a good left spin launcher. (ie the single gear one where you put the ripcord in upside down. The two gear kinds suck.)

AR: [Transforming Hayate]
WD: 10 Wide (Works better than WD here)
SG: Neo Left (I've been using MW as opposed to HMC, I think it works better)
BB: Magne-Flat Base (If the opponent is short just use storm grip. [not as cool])
Tip: Magne-Flat (Dragoon V2)

This is so much fun, try it out.
It hasn't broken any of my parts either.

Oh, and it kills zombies when it doesn't kill itself.
So what is Dragon Head? if no one has it.
Grip Attackers AR.
i think ohko has to be heavy since you are using light weight beyblade it will not work
Not if it moves really carping fast and is really jagged.
It completely destroys zombies when it hits them, so it seems useful.
But you can't fit Dragon Head onto a Left SG.
... Am I thinking of the wrong part? Shoot, I am.
Well it's mostly white, with some red and blue (like a dragoon) It looks a bit like draciel V2's AR, and it has 4 cylinders akwardly sticking up from around where the bitchip goes in a square pattern.
I guess I have no clue what bey it's from, ideas?
I'm pretty sure it's takara, and it has a robot like bit beast.
It's also quite wide, and is almost elliptical in general shape.
Is it from Rapid/Killer Eagle or a Diver or something?
[Image: zinrai.jpg]
It's this one.
No clue what it is (Except that it's probably EG system), and mine's white, it just came in a lot without a BB.
For someone who only likes plastics your knowledge is lacking. That's a hayate attack ring, Hayate is part of the series which came with attachments on the blade which could be put together to make a toy dragon.
Well bummer then, because then I'm pretty sure it's illegal.
But anyways, I did a small test against a Zombie, and got these results:
1: Zombie Outspin
2: KO for OHKO
3: KO for OHKO
4: KO for Zombie
5: KO for OHKO
OHKO takes the 2 out of 3 and the 3 out of 5.

Zombie used consisted of the following:
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Neo Right (Double Bearing Core)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Grip Base

It also seems to have an ~80% win ratio against weight reliant defense types. (Further testing certainly required)

And I never bothered looking into Hidden Spirits Beys, why would I?
I know hardly anything about EG system beys either.
Hayate/Zinrai/Raiden wtv's Attack Ring is insane for recoil, or OHKO. I dug mine up when I got back into Bey, and it got chipped as soon as it made contact with the opposing Bey.

I don't want to turn this into another argument between you and me with regards to different generations, but this is exactly why I think MFB battles are so much superior to Plastics; I want to have piece of mind when I'm playing ...! MFB battles are much more intense, without the fragility tradeoff.

Still, the customisation is unfortunately illegal. Fun idea though, but I won't be trying this, haha.
I do agree that breakage is just about the most depressing thing in bey, and that plastics are most prone. It's especially sad due to the availability of some parts. Not like WBO does plastic tournaments anymore though so I might as well dink around with it.

And I think this AR might have the most recoil in all of bey-dom.