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Full Version: Age divisions
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Is there a way to do age divisions in tournaments? I feel so bad for the little kids that come to the tournaments and don't win. It seems the older kids and adults always end up in the semi finals. I guess this gives them something to strive for but still would it be legal?
Not in WBO current rulesets. There just isn't enough userbase to support age brackets. And since the older teens and adults are the ones holding tournaments, most of the events would become inaccessible to younger bladers.
I think I worded my questions wrong. what I meant was maybe there could be an age division champion. Not sure how to work it out but have everyone play together but maybe the top younger players duke it out in a finals match. I guess it would have to be something that is unranked like a side pot or something. I don't think everyone should get a trophy but maybe the top little guys could get something.
See above answer, still. The WBO does not run extra sets of finals based on age. What if a very young bladers winds up in the standard finals and the extra finals for young bladers? Have them participate in both? Exclude them from the older blader finals? It'd be a mess.

If your goal is "don't demoralize young kids", then a tournament structure is not ideal.

I've lost to 4 year olds before, despite a 31 year age difference. I don't believe that age confers inherent advantages in Beyblade, it's about parts and practice. I've seen young bladers do very well in tournaments, reaching semifinals and even winning.

If you want to give young bladers extra accolades just because they're not old, feel free to do that at Non-WBO events.