which launcher do you use?

im using the reggi white one. it just the plain block looking one. but i want to hear for you guys!
I use the Cho-Z Achilles Launcher for right and the geist fafnir upgrade launch for left
I’m using the blue TT LR launcher
I used to use the Long winder from Sr, but that broke a month ago, so now I use dual threat string launchers from Hasbro.
I would use a LR ripcord (from lS and Sr) but I gave them away. So now I use a broken LR string launcher.
Um... Well... The Hasbro switch strike launcher....
me and my cousins use a blue and red winder launcher and a LR winder launcher from spriggan requiem
I use the Red Beylauncher LR and sometimes the Beylauncher L