indiana bladers

Yes, lets be the Dark Hoods in Indiana and host it in Camby
alright i live in indianapolis to and there is this blading thing at my school but its carp i think we should do a tournament or meet up
I used to live in Franklin Township, but I couldn’t make a name for myself as a Blader, as I was in foster care and the people I lived with wouldn’t buy me a Beyblade. Also, we have enough Bladers to start a tournament, we just need specifics. Location, date, time, who will be there, and more...I think
(Apr. 02, 2018  11:40 PM)Yoshiblade387 Wrote: i live in Indiana and there no tournaments near Indiana whatsoever so if you are a Blader and live in Indiana then comment down "yes" and we can also make a team?

Yes i live in indiana
I live by Indiana

I live in Illinois