indiana bladers

i live in Indiana and there no tournaments near Indiana whatsoever so if you are a Blader and live in Indiana then comment down "yes" and we can also make a team?
Yes, I would like a tournament in Indiana
Once we have either 16 or anything even like 20,24,28,32,36,etc

16 would be the best

What city do you guys live in I live in Indianapolis
Beyblade burst, Beyblade metal saga, or beyblade shogun steel? I live in Indianapolis. If anyone wants to 1v1 me in anything but burst then I'll accept.
I'm in Southern Indiana. My dad says hed take me to indianapolis for a tournament.
Hey I'm from Bloomington and I've been trying to find bladers for awhile! Not sure if anyone is close by but I'd like to try to start a playgroup!
How many people do you need to participate in an official tournament and/or create one?
P.S I know the numbers vary
Hey, me and a bunch of guys are trying to have a tournament in Michigan if you're up for the drive.
yes i wish to make a team in Indiana because i think it is not fair and i live in Indiana
(Jan. 27, 2019  8:37 AM)SolomonTED Wrote: oh i go up to michigan every year

I am an indiana blader i live in the goshen/elkhart area
I'm in Ohio but would probably go to surrounding states such as Indiana, etc. for a tournament
lets see if we can create an indiana tournament
Im going to Iowa in about a week

And my partner bey broke two days ago. Rest in peices, earth fusion wheel. It will be replaced with rock/fang. Which one do you guys think would be better for defense?
I’m in for an Indianapolis tournament!  I’d prefer Burst.
OK let do it

I live Bloomington Indiana yes let's do it

I am a small youtuber I do beyblade on my youtube Channel name is nemmer Ross
Does anybody here live near the franklin township area ?
I feel like i'm the only blader in my area , and that's sad .
Yes! Is anyone in Indiana interested in making a team or a tournament? I’m in Indianapolis.
I would love to be able to be in a tournament , but my grandma says education comes first .