fist of the north star, classic epic anime

so, how many of you have seen fist of the north star? I hapen to think its one of the most hardcore anime shows i have seen since yu yu hakusho uncut. so tell me what do you think of "fist of the north star". personaly it reminds me of that movie the road warrior.
Too bloodeh.


ha! now thats funny to. but I'm still keeping it red
Oh man, I love this anime.

Fist of the Big Dipper FTW!
I read it all, instead of watching it.

I liked it (what with all the rampant manliness everywhere) but I disliked it's repetitiveness.

yeah I wish I could have got a hold of some the original manga myself, but I couldn't so I had to start with the anime. I also noticed some similarites it had to the bible, strictly speaking to the literary subject of course, because I am avoiding to speak religiously as the rules state. yet I find that sort of facinating. prehaps they did so to connect to western audiences in general.
Well, it's easily found nowadays.

Hah, I was really not a fan of the ending though.
I finally got around to watching it. Should have done so along time ago, oh well. I would normally read manga, but I decided to watch it despite the 80's animation. I'm on episode 70 something and like it quite a bit. I have to say my favorite character is Shuu, I wish he had stuck around..
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Kenshiro makes Jonathan Joestar look weak