did they beyblade 200 years ago?

(Jul. 10, 2009  3:21 PM)Suzaku Wrote: well before beyblade me and my friends usta sit at the cafetia tables and flick quarters at eachother and whoevers quarter spun longer won and if it went off the table u lost

speaking of old tops and what not, my uncle has these wooden tops that had a string that you would rap around the top and you would have to let go of the top and pull the string to get it spinning, he and his friends would make wooden spikes and put them on the tops, they would have them spining n the street or where ever they could find a flat place, they would use the strings to push the tops at the other tops and the last one standing was the winner, it took them 2 months to relize that it would b a better idea to have them spinning on big plates or in big bowls.
In china, when it's winter, people go on the ice on lakes and rivers and spin those string tops
(Jun. 18, 2009  2:40 PM)Gadget Wrote: He wishes we had a President Lincoln Bit-Beast probably...
[Image: LincolnBitBeast.png]

Pres. Lincoln comes out of your beyblade and throws you in jail because you made a bit-beast of him
Oh God. Watch Titanic.. It has one of those wooden spinning top thingos in it. XD
My Dad said that him and his brothers and sister used to play Beyblades when they were around 8 years old but they were a bit different, the arena was smaller and the launcher was in the wall of it and they put the beyblade on it and pulled a special thick piece of string and it would spin into the arena, and it could launch up to 6 at a time he said and you could buy bigger ones but they didn't have much money then...but this wasn't 200 years ago of coarse because its my Dad...
^ That's a battling/spinning top, not beyblade, btw.