(austin, Texas) are there any bladers near by?

still wise, master fyurity
maxdeese1, we will take turns judging when we aren't BeyBattling
Hey. Sooooooo.....Evan wanted me to ask you guys if you want to have a small and unnofficial (probably) plastics tourney. He'll be bring his and you can bring yours. I don't have any BTW.
And everyone bring TT stadiums if you have any just in case we don't get sponsored
i want it to be normal and how do you turn your pm on
Go to profile options/settings, and check th box that has something the lines of receiving Oma from other users
Um...hard to explain...well lets go to conrol panel...edit profile (?) and there should be that there
Yeah edit options then check the box
im sorry i could not find it
im sorry i could not find it
i never saw the others sorry something was wrong with my laptop
go to my settings.
right above missalaneous, click edit options
check the box that says receive private messages from other users
Is everyone able to make it to the tourney on August 27th instead of the 20th? I need to confirm this so Kai-V can approve the tourney!!! If any of you guys would rather get emails instead of pms, pm me back!

Thanks for you guys' support!
I can make it JAM dont you worry

Good luck hope they approve Tongue_out
im in put me on the list
what is every ones favorite beys
GOOD NEWS: The dday of the tourney is changed back to the 20th.
Tourney approved! will appear soon in Official Events foru and in Upcoming Events Column!
Galaxy Jay, go to the other thread about the real tourney, and read my PMs
its not 100 percent i can come but i might
maxdeese1, every percent counts
im sorry we had a change of schelle sorry i cant come
Hey Jam, when will you host another tourney? I am free Spring Break.
Youngsta, be patient! I'll propose it soon. Tell me a couple of friends of yours who may come, so I have enough people!
heh, an austin tourne.. Havent had one of those is forever. even though im in Dallas id be ready for a one time throw down in my home town. whens the tourne and i'll try to make a trip
I'm gonna propose it soon, man. I'll put you on my possible list! Also, tell ya friends so we got more people, ya feel me?
heh yeah, what beys r we using?? new or old?
Well, we're gonna use the MFB Beys, like Phantom Orion, Aquario, Libra, Flame libra, etc., etc.