(austin, Texas) are there any bladers near by?

Most likely don't know the WBO exist. (I know I found it by complete accident.) Best thing to do is tell anyone that you know that plays to sign,then they do the same,etc and next thing you know...You know all the serious ones where you are. Smile
but i dont know any1 that blades in austin thats the problem
Ask around. Get people involved. Every community starts with only 1 or 2 before it starts to grow. Smile
im still active btw
Yay pokebladers back some people want that tournament you know Grin
Guys, i think we have enough people. so far i have:

99% sure
1. PokeBlader 2. Beyblader51 3. beybladehawk10 4. maxdeese1 5. Venom 6. beyman111 7. Shinn

Maybes (probably come but aren't sure because timings and stuff aren't set yet
1. Metabee
2. Fyurity
3. AgentBJ09

(BTW does anyone the money i spend on prizes will be reimbursed?)
i have 2 random boosters volume 7 coming in i might donate one O.o
but first you need an event proposal
is 7 enough???????
well you can make a proposal and make it official and more people will see it and want to come o.o
oh and btw, i may make it so where for every 8 peeps i will get 1 more prize and people pm me if u got a tt stadium
also i thought metabee said "Im In!!"
gotcha venom now will ya help in some points for a proposal oh and id need to order the prizes too so id need to pick a day so thats after the delivery.
possible prizes: tt kerbecs/perseus (one or other), hasbro flame byxis, and hasbro grand ketos, or should i get more tt from ebay?

btw is this link trustable?
the prizes seem good Grin and watcha mean by points?
one more thing . is zilker park ok? and i think if only 8 peeps show there will be 2 prizes (1st and runner up) 16=3 prizes, and 24+4 prizes
the tourney will prob be in august
we also need a max # of people. im thinking 30
just not august 9-11th i go on vacation then and idk about zilker park
nvm 30 people i think 24
nvm 24 max
also that link has korean beys
so that means those prizes legit
yes but what where you looking for japanese or korean?
also it comes with 1 of the beys shown on it
anything tt or sono
i dont see tt on it and idk what sono is
takara tomy (tt) and sonokong. btw those are just stock photos
You know we could do the tourny with one stadium and at the moment i am most certainly comin but anyway as I was saying invite people too that came to the houston tourny. And I think i should host the tourny not to pop your bubble pokeblader but i have more posts than you and they might accept me easier than you. I have over 100 post you have over 80...i'm just sayin
(Jul. 28, 2011  10:34 PM)Venomâ„¢ Wrote: ok

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