Your Favorite Pokemon

Whats Your Favorite Pokemon

Mine Is Sylveon
Greninja and Mewtwo are definitely my top two favorite
i like ash-greninja
Rayquaza and Zacian are my favorite legends

But i love Sylveon and Ninetales
i love charizard too
Always has and will be Charizard (Shiny is the best, Mega X as well)

After that would be Darkrai and Chandelure though.
Lycanroc by far
Genesect the cool edgy looking legendary
(Aug. 02, 2020  9:55 PM)Nitrogenic Wrote: Genesect the cool edgy looking legendary

Genesect is actually a Mythical, but I consider Mythicals to be a sub-category of Legendary

My favorite Pokemon is Sceptile. It looks cool and is the final stage of my first Pokemon (in the video games), Treecko
Greninja, Sceptile, Dragapult, Lycanroc and Naganadel
i will always like jigglypuff