"Your Creations" Forum [Sub-Section Appeal]

Poll: What do you think should happen?

Leave the forum as it is.
Create sub-sections!
Total: 100% 35 vote(s)
(Jul. 25, 2012  1:17 AM)Tri "Violence Wrote: Why do I post, I don't know nothin, lawl.

You contradicted yourself. You just said "I know nothing". Two negatives make a positive. Therefore ... you know everything!
I think we should create the sub-section it would be a lot organized instead of just all different types of topics on one forum.
Eh, I think we should have a committee member have a say in this ...
I totally agree with Insomniac. All I see now are GFX shops/graphics. I want to read stories!!! Is this a petition?

-Emperor *signs*
(Jul. 26, 2012  8:14 PM)Emperor Wrote: Is this a petition?

I guess so XD
Yeah I agree with all of you! If there would ever be sub forums on the "Your Creations" forum, GFX shops should be put in it.
Okay, so here is the idea all laid out:

  • More organized
  • No more shameless self bumps
  • Easier to navigate
  • Organized
  • Organized
  • Did I mention organized?

  • Will take quite some time to sort all the threads
[Image: Y6S4x.jpg]
Hm, it seems as though administrative action is going to be delayed. No rush to make a decision though. So I'm going to leave it. Up to you guys to lock (not close) this thread until something can actually progress. I don't think it serves much of a purpose being left open because unless an admin has a serious say in all of this, the posts in here are useless. And besides, if you look at the poll ... everyone is in favor (except for one person who I assume did it by accident).

Thanks Wink