Xtend + chip 3d print?

Hi guys, I'm planning on buying a B-123 long bey launcher set-

but before I commit to it I want to try Xtend + with my friends, so does anyone have or can link me to a STL file of the Xtend + chip?

I know it's performance will not truly reflect the genuine TT Xtend chip since it will be 3d printed and not injection molded. And I can't use it in tournaments (though Perth HAS no tournaments for anyone above 13 years of age)

But I am just hoping someone could please help me out before I fully commit to the purchase.


I found that this channel has made his own rubber Xtend chip, but for the life of me can't find that file

Just buy the set already, it's worth your money for everything it comes with (Xtend Chip with chip remover tool, Long Beylauncher, Power Grip, red Launcher Grip).

Waiting for a 3D print file is wasting time. Just buy the set you will never regret (and even the Left Long Beylauncher too if you have the budget; the Proof Frame is also competitive)
That isn't very helpful.

And as I said. I can't compete, because there are no events near me that I can participate in.

Additionally i want to see what happens if i print a chip in rubber.
Nah buy the set. 3D printing beyblade parts is like kind of time consuming/difficult unless your smart enough to make it 98% similar to the real thing. You have to know what your doing when it comes to 3d printing your not just gonna hop on a machine and go to town making parts.