Would you like to see Metal Fight Beyblade 4D on Crunchyroll?

Metal Fight Beyblade 4D is an upcoming new season to the Metal Fight Beyblade anime series. it begins airing on TV Tokyo April 3, 2011 @ 8:30 AM JST. Crunchyroll is a great place to watch your favorite anime in Japanese with english subtitles, 1 hour after airing in Japan. Members with a paid anime membership get to watch Crunchyroll simulcasts in HD 720p with no ads/commercial interruptions. Members with a free anime membership get to watch their simulcasts 1 week after paid anime members and in SD 480p with limited ads/commercials.

If you want Nelvana to do a simulcast of the new upcoming Metal Fight Beyblade 4D anime, now's the time to let them know. Anyone who's interested, post about it here.

With 7 weeks left till it airs, it gives Nelvana plenty enough time to secure the rights, and get it all set up.

Those with a Facebook account, post about it here:
Great to know! I honestly really think the title sounds awesome!Smile
Well, about the whole putting it on Crunchyroll, if it can post on high quality, I'm ok!
If it means getting 4D subbed then Jaems approves!

But i do not understand about why we need to contact Nelvana? Or is Crunchyroll in one of those law situations where they need approval from the Network company first? (sorry i usually do not get subs from Crunchyroll so i do not understand their situation about these things.)
Unfortunately I think that this will not work, just like before ...
I'm to be honest I'm against it, I never liked Crunchyroll.
First of all i want to know if i approve do it have to pay some large amount or the approval will simply be a number that Crunchyroll will use to calculate the fan support & thus to determine whether to Sub or not

Please clarify this thank you
Either Crunchyroll or Funimation could stream it. And anyways, Horriblesubs rips Crunchyroll and Funimation streams for people to download. Especially those who are out of the required region to watch it on Crunchyroll.

Horrible subs just rips the streams, then they change the font, and torrent, and direct download.

Back when I had made a thread about simulcasting Metal Fight Beyblade before, the dub wasn't very far. Now the dub is done with the first season. the show is very popular in North America right now, and has a good amount of fans. I guarantee if Nelvana ever did simulcast Metal Fight Beyblade, they would make even more money than they're making now.

Plus, what a better way to start than to simulcast 4D. it hasn't even started yet in Japan, and I guarantee you they can get the simulcast rights for it in less than a month if they wanted. For one, Nelvana is co-producer, and asking TV Tokyo for the simulcasting rights would be easy. Lucky Nelvana is co-producer or it would take longer for them to snag the simulcasting rights for it. Then they would have to also get permission from D-Rights, and possibly a few other companies as well.

Getting the rights to simulcast an anime usually takes awhile depending on the company, and all the rights needed to do it. Since Nelvana is co-producer, it'll just make the process easier.

Seriously, take a look on how the anime is doing in North America right now, despite it being on early in the morning on Cartoon Network. If you look on Cartoon Network video, the number of views on each weeks episode is huge...over a few hundred thousand each week. Also a good amount of fans of Metal Fusion are teens to young adults.
Hmm... for them to simulcast MFB 4D , they would be required to kill Season 2 dubs within 7 weeks , & then start the new season , also the reason why simulcast ing is not done because , think a anime runs 3 years in Japanese , sells are great then the dub version is behind the original Japanese anime by 1 year so , it gives the toy sellers 1 more added year to sell the beyblade so the anime remains popular for longer time & the companies can fill their safes with heaps of money

simulcast will most likely never be done as most of the people around the world will see the dubs & then will get bored of mfb maybe after 6-7 months when the anime ends , so then what toy sellers will get less sales by each passing day , so there will again be a need of a new beyblade series to kill the boredom of the crowd & if there aren't any mangas currently in the making then the anime is a long shot , so people will have to plasy for mfb for 2-3 years

there is a difference to what i am saying , you may say that so what plastics & hms stayed in the market for 2-3 years but there was a key difference , due to the dubs being late the life of the series expanded & the old BSB had even more life as it started airing in some Asian countries like india in 2005 & completed with all the seasons in 2006, now mfb is already running in india so it will most likely be finished in the same year that the dubs of season 3 end

back then internet also wasn't' that popular in some countries so people did not download & watch anime , now companies also know to get their hands on the tv shows so they can attract people to their channel , otherwise they know that tv shows can be found on the internet & people will just download them & spread them around , thus thr tv channels will miss out a chance on making money & making their channel popular

I Also like the idea of simulcast , but the life after it will be too boring as i don't see any new beyblade series coming for 2-3 years after this ends
Actually, read this:

my latest reply on that 4D facebook thread I made:

If Nelvana were to consider doing this, I think it would definitely benefit them. I'm not saying this just for my own personal enjoyment, but...seriously what would be the point of doing a simulcast of an anime with low ratings, you know?!. The Beyblade: Metal Fusion anime is doing very well over here in North America right now. The ratings are pretty well received on Cartoon Network. Proof about the ratings ---> http://corusent.com/home/Corporate/Press...px?Id=2068

Seriously, Nelvana should consider doing this as it would not only benefit TV Tokyo, but them as well because they are co-producers of the show. If they chose Crunchyroll as their partner to do this, then both Nelvana and TV Tokyo would be getting money off doing this. For every paid anime membership on Crunchyroll, the creators/companies, and Crunchyrolll of said anime get that money. I couldn't imagine them doing a simulcast of Bakugan mainly because the english version is ahead of the Original Japanese version, and because the anime was a flop in Japan.
Seriously, I'm not kidding. It's not that hard for Nelvana to get the simulcast rights for it mainly because they're co-producers of the show. If they weren't it would be an even longer process for them to attempt to do this. Even if they did agree to attempt at this, they would have to get TV Tokyo's permission to do this, and D-Rights, which I assume since it's doing so well over in North America, they might agree to do it.

I couldn't imagine a dubbing company trying to snag simulcast rights for an anime not doing so well, because it would be a waste of their money and time to subtitle it. There has been some anime that Crunchyroll has simulcasted that aren't that popular outside of Japan.

I wouldn't even be attempting to get this going if I didn't think it would work out. If the ratings for the show was badly received or mediocre at best, then it seriously would be a waste to do this.
Well, I see the point, it would really make DranzerX13 a bit relaxed, which is god after all that work. But till, I've used CruncyRoll, and never liked it. I mean I always want to download these episodes and I'm not sure if CrunchyRoll will give me the chance.
That's where horriblesubs come in handy. They're a group that rips CR streams in both 480p and 720p, restyle the subtitles, and then release in mkv softsub.

Personally, if this did happen, I would buy a paid membership for an entire year (around $60.00) compared to buying a monthly paid membership (about $7.00)

I understand CR has region restrictions, but since Nelvana is Canadian based, they could get it to where people from North America, Canada could watch it legally. Then the others who are out of that region could download from horriblesubs.
Yeah i tried to get a membership or watch naruto on CR , but i think i got a message that india was not supported , this was way back though like when DB Left naruto , but then Taka came & i didn't ever go to CR , if beyblade would come to CR i will try it but i would just pay for a months membership to check how good it really is & + i have to stream episodes right oh my my net is carpy
There is no reason to release a subtitled advertisement for toys kids cannot buy for another year except to make broadcasters angry, and feel they should pay Nelvana less.
Not too sure about crunchyroll... videos have never worked for me on there before, its just an infinite blackscreen.

Will you still be uploading raws like you've been doing with season 1 and explosion?
of course i'll still be uploading the raws. And Saigo is going to give translating an episode a shot to see if it works out for him. He'll be using the ssa closed caption script to translate from. He says after doing an episode and it's not too much of a problem, then he'll continue translating.
Um I don't know cause I use crunchy roll but its INSANELY SLOW ON MY IPOD
(Feb. 26, 2011  1:22 AM)DranzerX13 Wrote: of course i'll still be uploading the raws. And Saigo is going to give translating an episode a shot to see if it works out for him. He'll be using the ssa closed caption script to translate from. He says after doing an episode and it's not too much of a problem, then he'll continue translating.

Wow that is great news to hear but wont people bother him all time to sub the episodes of metal masters as nelvana will be slow with the dubs , but anyway it wold be really nice to have some subtitles for a change

Thanks again bro
A year from Japanese broadcast is not what most would call "Slow with the dubs". That's actually much faster than the norm.