Where can I watch the Japanese dub of Metal Fight (up to 4d) with English subs?

I got into Beyblade when I was around the age of 10 during the Metal Fight era and I hated the dub from the moment I started watching it. I shouldn't really have to go into or explain as to why, because I think that's fairly obvious, but I remember being able to watch every episode with subs on places like youtube and such and then around the time of 4D's dub release I remember them all disappearing and being taken down for copyright...I could not longer watch my beloved beyblade. I looked into seeing if there was any place I could buy a DVD and there was nothing. I've checked every place I know I could every few months for years from what was then around 2012 to present day 2017. I miss it so much, and all I can find is the English dub up on youtube and Crunchyroll...Scattered in some places you'll find an episode or two with subtitles, but the majority of it is completely gone. Does anyone know what my options are? Watching the dub is not one of them, I'd rather watch the Japanese dub with no subs at that point, because I can still make up what most of is going on.
I watch english subs at hotanime. But where watch 4d idk