What would happen if...?....had a beyblade

This thread is about what would happen if some person, thing, etc. had a beyblade. You can build off of what someone else has written in their post. For example.
window guy said
Hey if a spider had a beyblade and new what to do with it, it would break the web.

Evil virgo101 said
And the spider had to try and lasso the beyblade to stop it.

There are no bad posts unless the rules state it.

The first topic is if Goku from dbz had a beyblade.

I will change the topic as time goes on. Or when I feel that there is no more to talk about. You can give suggestions on the next topic and I will put it in a suggestions list. I am going to try and make a story with your posts. Have fun Eee
If Goku had a Beyblade, he would spin it, then Vegeta would come by. Vegeta would be jealous, and buy one, too.
If Goku had a bey, Vegeta's scouter will malfuction and he'll say "That bey is OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND!"

If Chuck Norris had a bey, his hand will be his launcher, he will be his own bit beast.
If Chuck Norris had a bey, noone would ever have a bey. EVER...

If Cpt. Falcon had a bey it would be named Falcon Pawnch and if Kirby had one it'd camp and do an annoying taunt until the others get angry and leave.