What would be your idea of insert songs?

Aside from the songs used in Nelvana's dub, what would be your ideal choice(s) of insert songs used if you were to watch the anime? Insert songs should be actual songs, not just bgm.

For me, it would be...
Season 1: I probably wouldn't have insert songs, but mostly racing game music
V-Force/2002: Would mostly be in the movie, but during the movie, there would mostly be American Gran Turismo music. For the series itself, though... it depends on whether the mood calls for it at the right time.
G-Revolution: Insert songs would be prevalent here, and my choice would be Eurobeat, because its hyper music could match the hype anyone could get from this season. Similar to how Initial D uses them, for battles, except some songs that weren't used appropriately in ID would have better timing in Beyblade.

Whaddya think?