What to Buy in MFB: Revamp

Another thing. Raigeko13 pointed out that ZGRB2 is likely a much better choice than ZGRB1, and personally I feel ZGRB3 is probably better still, depending what you need - unlike RB1/2, SonoKong haven't released the prize bey from it (yet?).

I think we should also consider pre-determined RB beys, seeing as those are pretty common now on ebay and are sometimes a more economical way to get certain parts.

There are of course other beys with parts that are almost must-haves, like those with EWD etc, seeing as we have beys on here where the only good part is the chrome wheel (gryph eg) those should probably be included too... Heck, Hell Kerbecs is still relevant for BD145 (though there are the RB7 releases and Hasbro's Befall The Ripper double set too).

I'd also question Shinobi Saramanda, between the Attack/Balance set and Samurai Saramanda E230ES it seems like a pretty inefficient way to get the wheel, and I'm still unconvinced Saramanda is really a must-have by any means anyway. Even if it is decent at most things, other chrome wheels seem to be the choice when non-twin right spin synchromes are used (Killerken, Ifraid etc), so unless somehow there is no other clear wheel that doesn't suck at anything in particular, I don't think it's something people should actively be trying to obtain.

Oh and in addition to what KainHighwind said, the stamina/defense set has Killerken too Tongue_out
I have access to this forum? Hahah

Anyways, you don't think Phantom should be up on that list too?

* Affordable in obtaining a Stamina Wheel/part, as opposed to having to purchase the Ultimate DX Set for Duo, or taking your luck in Genbull. Plus it's no help in waiting for Sono-Kong to release it, if they ever do.
* B:D has its uses in combinations involving the Zero-G stadias; Sway Defense etc.
Quote:Single Beyblades

BB-109 (Random Booster) Beat Lynx TH170WD: Everything in this Beyblade is outclassed except TH170, which is a versatile part due to its height-changing gimmick, and WD, which is always top-tier for Stamina.

BB-118 Phantom Orion B:D: This Beyblade is comprised of essentially all top-tier parts and is affordable. Phantom's outer weight distribution enhances its Stamina capabilities, and B:D is almost a necessity with preventing Sway in Zero-G. Its Spin-Stealing and Stamina ability is too effective.

BB-119 Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF: Being affordable, and an easy way to acquire two Defensive parts, this is a definite purchase. Death, despite it being outclassed provides great Defense because of its low recoil, and RDF is essentially a top-tier Defense bottom in today's meta.

BB-126 Starter Flash Sagittario 230WD: Even with Zero-G's possibility to create very heavy Metal Wheels, Flash remains a definite top-tier part for Attack, and that is this Beyblade's main reason to be bought. 230 and WD are notable as Stamina parts which are commonly used.

BBG-01 Starter Samurai Ifraid W145CF: The only notable parts of this Beyblade are its Track and Bottom. W145 outclasses most Tracks for Stamina, and CF offers adhesion and controlled aggressivity that are necessary in Zero-G Stadiums.

BBG-02 Booster Shinobi Saramanda SW145SD: This Beyblade's Chrome Wheel is heavy enough to be of use in many customizations, notably in Defense. Furthermore, SD is an eternally top-tier Bottom for Stamina.

BBG-09 (Random Booster) Thief Phoenic E230GCF: Phoenic consists of a powerful Force Smash Attack Chrome Wheel, while E230 represents a top-tier option for Defense combos. GCF's geared diametre makes it a top choice in Zero-G Stadiums where rubber Attack Bottoms lose stamina too quickly, and is a viable tip for Tornado Stalling like CF.

BBG-10 Starter Guardian Revizer 160SB: Revizer, due to its weight and its circular shape, is used in many top-tier combos. Paired with itself, its Defense increases, and 160 provides a centre height in Zero-G Stadiums and is notably useful for Attack customizations.

BBG-12 Booster Archer Gryph C145S: Its Track and Bottom are both outclassed and reused, but the Chrome Wheel Gryph is one of the best Zero-G Wheels for Attack, arguably more than Phoenic can be.

BBG-16 Starter Dark Knight Dragooon: As the only Chrome Wheel that can spin in the left direction and that can however be paired with any right-spin Chrome Wheel too, it finds top-tier use mainly in Attack and Spin-Stealing combos. LW160 also has relatively equal Stamina to W145, and BSF has potential in Balance customs.

BBG-22 Starter Berserker Begirados SR200BWD: Berserker Begirados is comprised of almost only useful parts; the only exception is its Crystal Wheel, like with all other Zero-G Beyblades. Begirados is mostly good in Attack, but its Track and Bottom are awesome for Stamina predominently.

BBG-23 - (Random Booster) Bandid Genbull F230TB: Even though it's currently only available as the prize Beybalde in the Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 3, Bandid Genbull's Chrome Wheel is balanced and presents great use in Stamina. TB is versatile throughout Balance and Stamina (?) combinations.

BBG-27 Starter Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF: This Beyblade has the widest Chrome Wheel, which provides powerful Smash due to exposed contact points. Spike 230 is useful in Defense, and GF is the fastest available Bottom, which enhances Sway in Zero-G stadia.


BB-107 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set: The main reason to purchase this Set is of course the Attack Type BeyStadium it includes. Needless to say by this stage, it is the fairest and overall best stadium for Metal Fight Beyblade. Sets like this usually consist of better deals due to the number of parts they come with compared to getting an individual stadium. Big Bang Pegasis is nothing special, but the Big Bang Pegasis DX Set also comes with sometimes forgotten extra parts like RF and 85XF, which are very useful for Attack. It also has a Beylauncher and a 3 Segment Launcher Grip, two important pieces of equipment, one being powerful and the latter being more comfortable for launches. In certain versions of this Set, it can also have a BeyPoint Card which, while not having use anywhere, represents a collector's item.

BB-121 Beyblade Ultimate DX Set: Since its release, Duo has always been an excellent 4D Metal Wheel for Stamina, Balance, and even Defense to an extent. Besides Spin-Stealers, it has really kept a top-tier position all that time. This Set is currently the only way to acquire Duo. The other parts in this Set are simply good, like MB which can be used for top-tier Balance combinations, L-Drago Guardian for Spin-Stealing, and 90WF and LRF for Attack. It also encloses a BeyLauncher LR, the most powerful launcher for all types of Beyblades, as well as a set of Metal Face Custom Ver., useful for Defense and Attack customizations.

BBG-13 Beyblade Synchrom Battle Set: Killerken is a versatile Chrome Wheel that is most often seen paired with Dragooon for Spin-Stealing combos, and Revizer for Defense. Samurai Ifraid W145CF, additionally included in this Set, has a useful Track for Stamina and a great Bottom for Attack in Zero-G Stadiums.

BBG-24 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type: This Set contains several useful parts in Zero-G as well as offering six different Chrome Wheels. Gryph, Balro and Girago are excellent Attack Chrome Wheels, Gargole can find decent use, and Saramanda is good for Stamina and Defense to an extent. In terms of Track, this Set has SA165, which is relatively hard to acquire for a reasonable price. The Bottoms included are also useful, like GCF for Attack in Zero-G Stadiums especially, SWD, and WSF, mostly for Balance.

BBG-25 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Stamina & Defense Type: Just like BBG-24, the utility of this Set is that it encloses six Chrome Wheels as well as many parts, which makes Synchrom combinations easy. Revizer is great for Defense as well as Wyvang, which is good for almost anything especially Attack, thanks to its superior weight and contact point. Balro is mostly used for Attack and Killerken finds use almost anywhere, notably in pair with Dragooon and Revizer. E230 is more or less difficult to buy, and it's a top-tier Track for Defense, and both AD145 and 160 are Stamina and possibly Attack oriented.

WBBA Big Bang Pegasis Remodel Parts Set: Since this Set is small and generally inexpensive, it's an easy way to stock up Bottoms like RF, RSF and RS, which wear down quickly.


BB-17/BB-38/BB-68/BB-110/BB-111 Beylauncher: This launcher is the most powerful and reliable with its consistency, along with the Left and Right version of it.

BB-36/66/67 Metal Face: Sold in packs of two in the colors of Grey (36), Red (66), or Gun Metallic (67), they are extra parts which are very useful and functional in many competitive combos to add weight to the Beyblade.

BB-84/85 Metal Face Remodeling Ver.: These customizable Metal Faces offer four different modes of weight distribution. Each set comes with two Faces made of four different parts: a Metal Core, a Plastic Core, a Metal Plate, and a Plastic Plate. Being versatile, you can create the type which best enhances your combo, such as MF-H for Defense and Attack.

BB-115 Beylauncher LR Heat Red: Having a Beylauncher that can spin both Left and Right is extremely useful, especially for tournaments where the equipment you can bring along with you is limited, and it also allows you to do deception tactics more easily.

BBG-14/15 Metal Stone Face Flame Red/Ocean Blue: Exactly like the BB-84/86 Metal face Remodeling Ver. but in Zero-G, offers a variety of different creations by combining the Plastic and Metal Plate together.

BBG-19 Zero-G Launcher: Just like the Beylauncher is required in a normal metagame because it gives the most power, the Zero-G Launcher, built with the same string system but vertically, should also be purchased for maximum strength in launches.

How about this? I don't think Gryph has any real use since its Smash is quite poor imho, especially when it's paired up with itself. And a few additions were added (the Metal Face Sets were generally a copy and paste but with additions).

I also changed some parts regarding performance with most of them.