[Virginia, USA] who lives here

Please if your out there and u live in any part of virginia contact me.
I have a suprise for u. so please contact me. My name is strata beast.[/size][/color][/font]
A surprise? That sounds kinda.....weird. Just say what it is.
Bey Brad

moving this to World Beyblade Organization

also, make sure to add yourself on the Map

what is this surprise? rofl
okay there really is no surprise i just wanna no& i thought that would get ur attention
Bey Brad
Try sending a message to the users who live in Virginia on the map.
I don't think asking for location and offering a "surprise" go hand in hand on the internet... You might discourage people from wanting to battle you...
yooo i stay out in hampton virginia for all u bladers in this area
I live in Amherst,Virginia and Ill battle you any time
dont live in VA but i visit VA. Beach once a month
i live in richmond
I live in chesapeake!!!!
chesapeake... someone really needs to organize a tournament in the Hampton roads area
I live in Richmond, VA. I'll battle at ANY time.
I live in Winchester VA and I wanna battle! Any weekend, any time!Eee
i live in appomattox,VA And im really ready to battle you anytime!!!
Live in chesterfield va
i live in suffolk. and i battle at any time
guys, im going back up to VA for christmas, anyone wanna arrange a meeting around VA Beach or Norfolk?
I live in Greensboro,NC
How about we have an tournament somwhere in Norfolk/VA Beach/ Chesapeake. Maybe we could get Toys R US to host it XD
i live up in chesapeake, va. we shud foreal hav a tournament =DD
Would attend a tournament!
It sounds like a lot of people would be interested in a Virginia based tournament...Perhaps we could hold on up in Northern Virginia. Close enough to let marylanders/washington dc-ers in on it too! If you're interested pm me and maybe we can get something started!
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