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1. Have you ever thought of making an original burst bey? If so, describe what the whole thing (Top, middle, Frame, Tip, Ability, Name, etc.) would be. 
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and would you want it to be in the anime?
Mine is: (Top) Caynox single layer, but with dual rotation and a wider god chip; (Middle) well, it's hard to explain so, watch this video https://youtu.be/GXUxGn3Je18 to figure out what I mean; (Frame) A frame that goes on the inside of a metal and acts and looks like the Jerk middle's plastic; and (Tip) a tip that is iorn but has a VERY sharp cone shape on the metal part. The bey's gimmick is not only dual rotation, but it can supposedly switch form each time it hits the center (Ik it's illogical, but it's my imagination... please understand...)

2. Have you thought of making an original launcher for the burst series? If so, what would it be like?
Mine would be called "The Scorpion Stinger" because its very thick ripchord that is bent upwards (instead of twisting to the right like the other ripchords) acts like a stinging mechanism on the launch. The launcher would have velcro on the top so it could wit on any braclet that is made out of cloth-like fibers or rope. This launcher, like the sling chock launcher, is NOT compatable with any of the grip add-ons. One last thing about it, the shape resembles a P for Professional

3. Which blader are you like? Just flat out answer, no explanation needed Wink

What is your favorite Top, Middle, Frame and tip in the burst? If you're a metal saga fan, what is your favorite (I did some research, sorry) Energy ring, Fusion Wheel, Spin track and Performance tip? (Facebolts don't count, seeing as the only metal facebolts are Sagitarrio and L-Drago I believe)? Now that you've answered that, would you EVER put these 3 (or 4 for Metal Saga fans) in the combo? And one last add-on with it, would you want it to be a diffrent category?

4. If you were to made your own world team (ex: BC Sol from Spain, AS Gallus from France, SB Rios from Brazil) What would the team's combo (out of exsisting parts) be?
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Mine is "The Trident" from Barbados. The combos are: Triton (O2, Heavy, Iorn) Shiva (F4, Tripple , Reebot) and Trishula (S3, 5Star, Bearing)
If you couln't tell, I took two name ideas from Hindu gods... I'm Protestant Christan though...

5. What do you think the best God/Turbo gimmick is and why?
If you don't know the gimmicks... this is going to suck on my part... press the botton for the gimmicks... I seperated them in Chronological order of their appearance in the anime... (I typed this after the whole list was finished: This took an entire hour, 35 minuetes and 45 seconds... my whole body felt very ached after this list, so please don't comment negativity about it... please............................................  Sagittario_Worried Crying )
Mine is Lepords because he is not only my second favotire bey (my 1st favorite is my cosdom mod) but he also can use his gimmick in many diffrent ways

6. What did you like better in Beys, Story and Personal Uniqueness: Beyblade original, Beyblade Shotgun Steel, Beyblade Metal Fusion, Beyblade Metal Masters, Beyblade Metal Fury, Beyblade Burst, Beyblade Burst Evolution, Beyblade Burst Turbo or Blader's stories on this website?
Mine for Beys and Story goes to Burst Evolution because it is the most clear, exiting and fun to watch in my opinion, however I would say originality goes to Metal Fusion because it just seemed like less items were re-cycled and/or refrenced...

and finnaly 7. Does this list stand out as better than my last posts? I'm trying to make all of my posts as clear as possible from now on so less critics would attack. This post will also be on Random Thoughts, General, and the whole gimmick section will be in the Wiki for both recognition and response numbers