[Unanswered]  Beyblade burst app Stats chart or spreadsheet.

Hi all,

Has anyone made a list, chart or table with the stats values as numbers of the parts from the Beyblade burst app, it'd be handy to look at without having to cycle through all the parts and try to remember which bar graph addition or subtraction looked bigger. Cycling forward enabling then cycling back just to see something gets pretty old, I'm just after the numbers. When ever i search for Beyblade burst app stats, spreadsheet, specs or values there is nothing. Is it called something else or does it not exist?

Thankx in advance TonySize
There is ALOT but ALOT of parts in the game.

yea, I get ya, Its really time consuming to scroll through hundreds of pieces without a quick/search engine.

Try beyblade wiki, they have lists and info on everything, I bet you'll find something there.