[Unanswered]  Beyblade Shopping in Hyd/Bidar Area, India & Tournaments

Hey guys, I've seen there to be quite alot of people here who are Indian Bladers and I am going to Hyderabad for vacation. I was wondering if there was any good places to buy beyblade's there. In my last visit I got Fang Leone, Diablo Nemesis, Flame Seggatario, Xeno Xcalius and Omni Odax. They are all funskool TT authentic. I cant seem to find any places selling burst but I still would like to buy MFB. I may also visit the Bidar area and be around there too. Could some one please tell me some good places to get them.

I also want to know if anyone is having a tournament in that area from June 1 uptil August and where.