Toronto Beyblade Burst Tournament Report: Rowdy in the Dish

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July 9, 2017 at High Park in Toronto, Ontario Canada • BURST FORMAT


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poor mitsu ;(

The name for this event comes from a conversation I had with Bey Brad recently; I have no idea what the context was but he said “rowdy in the dish” at one point and I said I’d make that the name of our next tournament at the time! I believe we ended up with sixteen players, so we played Block Round Robin for this Burst Format event on July 9th, 2017.

Even though there was certainly exceptions, during our event before this (U wot m8?! LMAO’s Burstday Beynanza) it felt as if Drain Fafnir had reached its peak saturation point, and I was honestly feeling a bit discouraged about the state of the metagame afterwards.

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However, as I have been talking about lately, it is a mistake to allow your knee-jerk reaction form your lasting opinion in this game, especially one that is still evolving. I summed up my thoughts on this in one of the posts I linked to above:

(Jul. 10, 2017  4:19 AM)Kei Wrote: I agree with you in the thought that Atomic might be a bigger problem than Drain Fafnir. I've been thinking about that for a while now.

That being said, while this winning combos list doesn't represent it, I have found certain opposite spin Hold-based set ups to be able to defeat Atomic-based combos. I know you lost with bR on Hold versus 1234beyblade in the finals, but I have found aC.2C.H to be pretty consistent against dF.4G.At. I used it once today against Jesse and lost because he chose NSZ absolutely out of nowhere lol, but I was planning to use it in the finals of the tournament. I ended up not needing to however because I knew you would be using Atomic on Blaze Ragnaruk after doing so well with it in the group stage (so I had dF on Hold in my deck instead, in case aC.2C.At didn't work out, but it did), and I knew Jesse didn't have Atomic at all.

Overall, while I am legitimately concerned about Atomic, I came away from this tournament feeling a lot better about the metagame than our last event (which 1234beyblade will hopefully get the winning combos for posted soon) which was primarily a dF.4G.At party. This time, dF.4G.At did not feel quite as dominant.

But yeah, definitely appropriate to wait and see how it plays out. I think too many people jump on the "let's ban it" bandwagon as soon as something new and good gets released. Even if we know something to be potentially overpowered, it will absolutely never be a good idea to make rash decisions like banning something just over a month after it's been released. It deserves to be played out in the competitive scene for some time–especially with new releases coming out every month–before anybody even seriously thinks about taking an action like that.

I for one am enjoying the changes the metagame has gone through over the past few months and am excited to continue testing and figuring out how I should be playing the game in its current state. Instead of lamenting parts like Atomic and Drain Fafnir that may or may not be overpowered, I'd rather take the time now to try and find ways to defeat them before considering any further action.

And I mean, today I almost lost against Spryzen Boost Variable with my dF.4G.At (and against Naru Blader's dF on Revolve, SBV won!), so you never know what's out there haha.

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@[kerpao] wins the award for best-dressed on this day

Now, we have things like Legend Spriggan and Maximum Garudas available which I have heard or seen to be counters to dF in some capacity. I don’t have them yet, but with releases like this coming out fast and furious lately, there’s no need to hit the panic button as quickly as I have seen some people do with Drain Fafnir and Atomic. I've been saying this a lot lately, but while it’s fine to be concerned–and there is legitimate reason to feel that way–there's no need to be dramatic about it just yet.

For all of the talk about banning things, as a player who is very active in the competitive scene right now, I still don't feel like I've figured out completely how to play certain match-ups; it doesn't feel as simple as choosing dF.4G.At and calling it a day anymore. Maybe the balance of the metagame currently isn't what most people (or myself) want, but I'm still having a lot of fun figuring out the finer nuances of different match-ups. Every tournament it seems like we've been learning a little bit more about the metagame, and this certainly held true at our next Burst Format event–Rowdy in the Dish 2–which happened this past weekend. Stay tuned for the report on that.

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Deck Format Finals
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More Photos
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Winning Combinations

1st: Kei
Alter Chronos 2 Cross Atomic
Guardian Kerbeus Spread Revolve
Drain Fafnir 4 Glaive Atomic

2nd: JesseObre
Drain Fafnir Spread Revolve
Neptune Spread Zephyr
Lost Longinus 8 Glaive Zephyr
Alter Chronos 2 Cross Atomic (Deck Format Finals Only)

3rd: 1234beyblade
Drain Fafnir 4 Glaive Atomic
Drain Fafnir Yell Revolve
Neptune 4 Glaive Atomic
Wyvern Heavy Revolve

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

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