Toronto Beyblade Burst Tournament Report: JORMUNGAND JAILBREAK

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March 25, 2017 at High Park in Toronto, Ontario Canada • BURST FORMAT


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There was a considerable level of excitement heading into this event as the new God Layer System had just launched the week prior. Luckily, I was able to get my shipment from HLJ incredibly quickly and as a result was able to supply several members of the Toronto community with the new Beyblades in time for JORMUNGAND JAILBREAK!

I had done testing with cadney and 1234beyblade in the days leading up to the event, but there was just so many new parts that it felt overwhelming and I didn’t have time to properly test anything to the point where I would feel comfortable using it in the tournament. However, that wasn’t the case for many other members who dove in and tried making use of the new parts.

The most popular generally were God Valkyrie, the Glaive Frame with Dark Deathscyther, Cross Frame with Deathscyther, and a variety of the Core Disks.

This was also our first outdoor tournament of the year after a streak of events at A&C Games. We had 14 players, and therefore played using Block Round Robin.

Block Play
Amazingly, I almost made my way through the entire block unscathed with 15 Round Wins and 0 Round Losses (5 Match Wins) using Neptune, Wyvern, and Deathscyther, something I don’t think I’ve ever done … and ultimately wasn’t able to complete after losing 3-2 against JesseObre’s DHD with my D2GD haha.

So, I ended the block with a 5-1 record. That would surely secure me a spot in the finals, right? Nope. Somehow, JesseObre, pyrus10000, and I were all tied at 5-1 and we had all won or lost against each other, meaning we bypassed the first tiebreak and went straight to a a mini-round robin tiebreak to determine the two finalists from our block. Here’s how my matches played out:

Kei (NHR) vs. pyrus10000 (V.4V.A): pyrus10000 wins 3-1
Kei (bR.H.Rb) vs. JesseObre (gV.6V.J): Kei wins 3-1
Kei (DHD) vs. pyrus10000 (WHR): Kei wins 3-0
Kei (G2HY) vs. JesseObre (bR.6V.Rb): Kei wins 3-1

We tied again in the first tiebreak and were forced to do another one. In my first match against pyrus10000, NHR was meant as a counter against his DHR which is somewhat unbalanced and worn as well as any potential random offensive combo he might choose … however, I underestimated how good his shot could be with Accel and that he would even choose a combo like that (although 1234beyblade was helping him, so I should have seen it coming), so I ended up losing especially because I was using Revolve which is easier to KO than something like Defense.

In my first match against JesseObre, I chose Blaze Ragnaruk because it was the one Layer I was somewhat confident with after seeing it be able to burst D2 in my blitz of God Layer System testing the week prior. And Jesse had won his first match, so I felt like he would take a chance and use Attack, especially since he had been talking about God Valkyrie all day. It was definitely a risk, but it worked out. And Jesse had mistakenly chosen Jaggy because he thought it was his purple Accel haha.

Now entering the second tiebreak, I felt like pyrus10000 would be more conservative especially since he doesn’t always make it to the finals and would want to try and secure that position while he has the chance. So, I guessed right and was able to counter his conservative choice of WHR with DHD. He probably didn’t think I’d go back to something so relatively easily defeatable by an Attack type after losing the first time. However, I did make one concession and chose Defense over Revolve to reduce the possibility of KOs.

And the final tiebreak battle meant nothing since JesseObre had also beat pyrus10000 and tiebreak battles aren’t worth BeyPoints haha. But instead of using something stupid, I still wanted to try something I had been experimenting with: G2 on Yielding. It does exceptionally well at resisting burst finishes, and given that the Toronto metagame is largely filled with Accel/Zephyr based Attack types that don’t have as much KO power as Xtreme, it seemed like it could be a good fit in some situations. Worked out pretty well here and I was able to win 3-1.

Things didn’t go so well for me in the finals … I was paired up with Naru Blader in the first round and basically got destroyed by his Lost Longinus 4 Vortex Hold. I wasn't expecting Naru Blader to use L2 on Hold, but Mitsu had given him advice to use it, so the deck I had chosen didn't match what I thought he would be using. To my amazement, even with 4 Vortex it was able to OS my WHR, and also bursted it once if I remember correctly. I did have L2GW in my deck that could have had a chance against L2.4V.H, but it seemed like it would be more of a game of chance than anything in that match-up. Safe to say that after this battle my lesson was learned: always include a reliable L2 Hold counter that you have actually tested in your deck!

For third place, I was up against 1234beyblade who had suffered an unfortunate loss against JesseObre where I believe his Valkyrie 4 Vortex Accel combo had self-bursted twice against Jesse’s DHD … I wasn’t feeling particularly down about my loss to Naru Blader, but for some reason I wasn’t thinking entirely straight and ended up choosing L2SX for my Deck as the Attack type even though I wasn’t confident in what launch technique to use with it. Bad choice and it ultimately cost me the match as I lost the first two rounds against his D.2C.R with it. I was able to battle back with two burst finishes on his D.2C.R with my DHR, but was basically locked into using L2SX in the final round as my safest choice since he had the final pick. I ended up losing 5-4. Was a bit upset especially since 1234beyblade had left himself vulnerable by including two Attack types in his deck (V.4V.A and V2KA) to go along with his D.2C.R. and no Defense type.

In any case, even though I missed out on the podium this time, I was ultimately happy to see my teammate JesseObre win the event and Naru Blader place in the top three for the first time ever!

You can find the list of winning combinations, pictures of some of the decks used in the finals, and pictures from the event below!:

[Image: DuexLD9.jpg]

[Image: s54r50v.jpg]

[Image: vf1EH6t.jpg]

[Image: 3aNh0V7.jpg]

[Image: WLt2rz5.jpg]

Video by Mitsu:
A few complete battles recorded by Mitsu:

Video by Kei:
And I took a few random battle clips:

Photos by Kei:

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[Image: xgjQT2y.jpg]

[Image: BPIXIOF.jpg]

[Image: OrlnhS7.jpg]

[Image: QrJPjPG.jpg]

[Image: TR9YXWD.jpg]

[Image: H6N25Y8.jpg]

[Image: fr2n5c5.jpg]

[Image: B1i3bnJ.jpg]

[Image: S2GDvbD.jpg]

Winning Combinations

1st: JesseObre
Dark Deathscyther Gravity Defense
Deathscyther Heavy Defense

2nd: Naru Blader
Dark Deathscyther Gravity Defense
Deathscyther Heavy Revolve
Deathscyther 2 Cross Revolve
Lost Longinus 4 Vortex Hold (Deck Format Finals Only)
Lost Longinus Heavy Hold (Deck Format Finals Only)

3rd: 1234beyblade
Valkyrie 4 Vortex Accel (Deck Format Finals Only)
Deathscyther 2 Cross Revolve
Dark Deathscyther 6 Glaive Defense

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

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Hey guys! Tagging everyone who participated in this event to make sure you see this report. If you have any thoughts from your own perspective about your experience in this event and the sort of battles you had, please feel free to post here!
I look high AF in all of these pics XD
Im getting Deathscyther and D2 banned cause of this haha
(Apr. 18, 2017  2:30 AM)JesseObre Wrote: Im getting Deathscyther and D2 banned cause of this haha

And the 50 other tournaments you won using only Deathscyther and D2 lol.