TheRogueBlader’s Fanfics (Silas’s Beyblade Journey Re-Creation going)

(Sep. 05, 2021  4:34 PM)Kiryu Kazuma Wrote:
(Sep. 05, 2021  4:32 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote: Sorry, but how do you add spoiler tags for chapters? And idk how to move it to Your Creations, could a staff do that?

Edit your first post, and change the prefix to your creations.

Plus that's how you add spoiler tag


Your text (/spoiler). Replace () by [].

You cannot move it across forums like that. Prefixes add in those neat "product" tags like you find in other parts of the forums, but staff has to move threads.

Still, spoilers should work as indicated. (spoiler) test (/spoiler) should yield this when replaced with []
Chapter 8 and 9 are out! Please go to the beginning of the thread to read them. (I tried putting spoilers in all the chapters, but the only one that worked is chapter 8, some other ones have the spoiler tag but still have the entire chapter below them, sorry about that, I’ll try to fix it later)
Chapter 10 is now out and the spoiler tag worked this time! Sorry I haven’t done anything in a few days, but you know how school can be. I had 3 big tests this  week so I didn’t have much time. Anyways, enjoy!