TakaraTomy’s Mazica Party

Every Mazin debuting next episode
Akatorishirou / Chicken Man
Fan Hawk
Episode 7

Episode 8: Jagooja! Kanna to Scratch!
Episode 8

Episode 9: Kanna's secret plan? Magical Girl Impersonation Operation!
Episode 10: It's Pounding! The Mazin that Falls in Love with Wanisuke!?

Episode 11: The Trial of Death! Aim for the legendary 7 Mazin!
Episode 11:

Episode 12: Kezaru vs Student Body President Eric!
Mazica Party is included in the Takara Tomy Online Toy Show! The new releases might be showed.

MZ-08 Mazica Pack Episode 2 L Sealed Jagooja & Cetuscruise
MZ-09 Mazica Pack Episode 2 R Crushing One Night & Pegacider
MZ-10 Mazica Start Set Silver ver
MZ-11 Mazica Book Episode 2 Blue
MZ-12 Mazica Book Episode 2 Violet
MZ-13 Mazica Gear DX Black
MZ-14 Mazica Battle Entry Pack Episode 2 L
MZ-15 Mazica Battle Entry Pack Episode 2 R
MZ-16 Mazica Gear DX Silver

That's a lot of releases. First we just have 2 new card packs, cool. I was expecting it soon anyways for Kanna and Silver. However they also might be themed around those 2's main Mazin, while also being themed around a Legendary Mazin as well (In this case Cetuscruise and Pegacider) which is very cool. Second we have a start set for Silver. It's cool but I kind of wish we got a Kanna one as well. More Books are good for keeping your cards safe and organized.

It's been kind of tame so far....however the Mazica Gear DX comes in. This thing blew me away. Normal Mazica Gears just scratch, but this is insane. It has an entire LCD display. If you have the special pass for it, you can scan and store data of our Mazin Cards, which is extremely cool. You can also do other stuff like play games, and it has sounds from the anime, including special moves. It's all just extremely cool, and Silver's version looks awesome.

I personally thought the EX Entry Battle Pack was a one time thing, so when it clicked that MZ 14 and 15 where also the same type of Battle Packs, I will admit I was surprised. Having then around One Night and Burn Ballonya is of course, very cool. I also think it's awesome how it gives you an entire deck, so you can go ahead and start playing immediately.

They will most likely be going over all 9 of these in the Toy show. It will be cool so see the DX Gear in action, along with some new cards.
Promo Images for the DX Mazica Gears and the Battle Entry Packs.
[Image: E34vSsoX0AMiX8o?format=jpg&name=large]
[Image: E34vTWdXIAAtRyN?format=jpg&name=large]
Interview with Kezuru and Balloonya's VA's for the Takara Tomy Online Toy Show.
Episode 12

Episode 13: A Man too Loved by God= Silver!
Episode 13:

Episode 14: Challenge! Gold Wizard!
Episode 14:

Episode 15: I'm the Precipice! Kezuru VS Silver
Episode 15:

Episode 16: Way to Go, All Over the World! Aim to be the Most Powerful Wizard!

All new Mazin



Episode 16:

Episode 17: Let's Open It! Mazica Battle Tournament!
Episode 17:

Episode 18: Inescapable! Trap's special trap!
I haven't updated this in a while, sorry. A new Balloonya evolution is coming. Also, here are the recent episode titles.
[Image: E8WhZbrVIAk0QVy?format=png&name=900x900]

Episode 18:

Episode 19: Best of 4! Mazica Battle Royale!

Episode 20: TVLeon is an Influencer! Sapp's downfall!?
Episode 20:

Episode 21: Really Like Bananas! Salmet and the Monkey Mountain Showdown!

Episode 22: Cut it Open with Nokokuwaga! Cratch VS Silver!
This is a cool and unique game so I think not trying to establish some sort of community would be a missed opportunity. I’ve decided to translate some info. I hope something comes from this.
Here's a clearer explanation.

What even is Mazica Party?
In Mazica Party you use the Mazica Gear to scratch off cards during battle (lite lottery tickets) changing their stats and abilities. Here are the Rules.


There's actually another mechanic introduced during the 3rd expansion, Fever Evolution:

This is the game, so far anyways. There's no international scene whatsoever, so I'd love if a community could start around this game, and it's accompanying media. Thanks for reading if you got this far.