[Takara Tomy]  Grand (Gen) Testing

Same Spin Test

Grand Spriggan.Outer.Orbit Gen vs Twin Nemesis.Outer.Orbit
(Simultaneous launching)
GS.outer.O Gen: 0 wins
tN.outer.O: 10 wins (10 OS)
Ties: 0
Notes: Maybe I could do a similar test with Ace just to see if Grand as worse stamina.

Opposite Spin Test

Grand Spriggan.Outer.Destroy' Gen vs Drain Fafnir.Outer.Destroy
(Simultaneous launching)
GS.outer.Ds' Gen: 2 wins (2 OS)
dF.outer.Ds: 8 wins (8 OS)
Ties: 2

Vs Attack Test

Grand Spriggan.00Proof.Atomic Gen vs Z Achilles.00Bump.Xtreme'
(zA launched second)
GS.00P.At Gen: 6 wins (6 OS)
zA.00B.X': 4 wins (3 OS, 1 KO)
Ties: 0
Notes: My Xtreme' is quite worn so perhaps Achilles could have done better. Still, Grand feels like its a defensive layer. zA was able to win some by OS by destabilizing Grand so much.

Grand Spriggan.00Proof.Atomic Gen vs Twin Nemesis.Outer.Assault'
(tN launched second)
GS.00P.At Gen: 0 wins
tN.outer.assault': 10 wins (8 OS, 2 KO)
Ties: 1
Notes: I love using Assault'. But also wow Grand just dies to mixed attackers.

Overall, no reason to not include Grand in an unban of GT layers with Gen only. Its stamina is awful enough to let it get bullied around. If it has good defense, well then stamina loss better be worth it.

ALSO I do not own the second mold of Rock, which is reinforced and therefore better in weight. Because of this, I did not test Rock. I personally believe Rock is worse than Grand, given how it can be bursted. I can't imagine its stamina is great either. I would unban Rock in an unban of GT layers for limited (with only Gen). If anyone can test this, probably in a similar manner I just did with Grand, that would be great.
Did another test today and thought I'd just give the data out.

Grand Achilles.outer.Orbit Gen vs Alter Chronos.outer.Orbit
(Simultaneous launch. Also Grand Achilles used the Sparking Launcher rather than String Launcher LR Long I traditionally use. This is because LR launchers mess up with the Gen weight.)
GA.outer.O Gen: 13 wins (13 OS) (65% winrate)
aC.outer.O: 7 wins (7 OS) (35% winrate)
Ties: 0