[Takara Tomy]  DB Parts Tier List

Could you add Guilty Longinus’s parts there too?
I know it kind of seems like overkill but I tend to collect many attack drivers as they all have differing degrees of stamina and various strategies. Sorted from most to least stamina, I have destroy’, hold’, venture, unite’ worn, xceed’+x, quick’ and metal xtreme. I don’t often use venture because of poor burst resistance but I do believe that when worn slightly it does have offense potential, even though I do not have v gear. When launched near the centre of the stadium, it behaves like a stationary attack driver, but when hit with an attack, it is knocked out of the centre and begins to accelerate. I hope to be getting xtreme’ and metal destroy for Christmas, but I just wanted to point out that venture has helped me in some matches, essentially behaving like a large unworn unite.
From what I’ve heard, venture doesn’t have poor burst resistance if you give it the V gear. The v gear locks into the springs making it harder to push down, so venture+V is actually just like a dash driver. Too bad if you don’t yet have V gear. I suggest buying a b-194 random booster volume 27 confirmed Galaxy pegasis somewhere. On ebay in the USA it costs about ~25 USD. You would also get F gear out of it, and also Xtreme’. And Galaxy Pegasis is also nice if you’re a metal fight fan, like me.
2 armor = 13.7 grams
0 armor = 13.9 grams
random fact about these armors, 0 armor is better
(Jul. 27, 2021  8:41 PM)BuilderROB Wrote:
(Jul. 27, 2021  8:34 PM)CheetoBlader Wrote: Rebound doesn’t help anything. Valkyrie is worse than Belial.
As someone who owns this part as well as a TT standard stadium for testing, I can actually disprove this.

Although it could be weight, I’ve tested Dynamite Valkyrie Giga Drift-2 against (MCC) Tempest Solomon Wheel Xtend+ (Stamina Mode) 1S. With a good launch at an angle, I’m able to OS tempest on Xtend+, and this isn’t me alternating launches. I had someone else help me launch, and I even made sure their launch wasn’t weak.

The second piece of evidence that disproves this is that Zankye was able to prevent Savior from bursting by using the Valkyrie core over cores such as Belial and Ragnaruk over on his second channel for testing. I even have a friend (#Fafnir to name names) who tried the Valkyrie core after trying other ones, and he says his Savior stopped bursting when he used the Valkyrie core. I think it’s safe to say Valkyrie is the current best right spin core out right now (well besides Perseus).

So should i buy Savior Valkryie just for the core and the launcher?