Splatoon 1 & 2 Topic

I have some questions about Splatoon 2. I am considering buying this game but first:
How good are the Brellas?
What is so special about the Dualies?
Is the Foil Flingza as good as the Carbon Roller was in Splatoon 1?
Have the Carbon Roller and Octobrush been weakened?
Are there any other significant differences in the two games?

Really close match today on Splatoon. My team pushed the Tower to their 1 line. At this point they took over and pushed the Tower all the way back to our 4 line. I sniped a couple of players off the tower and my team pushed it back to the 1 line where they took it and sent it into over time. My team took it back almost immediately and I think the tower actually crossed the line (it didn't count though).

I would not have been happy to be on the losing team (They were really good actually).
This thread has been dead for a long time...

Official Splatoon 2 info (possibility of a delay is small, but is still a possibility):
Fizzy Bomb Sub and Booyah Bomb Special
Kensa Collection Vol. 2
New Stage: Skipper Pavilion
New Grizzco Gear/Stage (?)
Etc. (More unannounced changes?)
I am looking for a casual group to join. I want to play league, but my friends are not fond of it.
My lowest ranking is S+2. I am unable to do voice chat.

Anyone want to join up?
My team and I won a 100X battle in the splatoween event!
Splatoon 3 is coming out in 2022!
ima try to revive this thread. splatoon is extremely fun and you want to get to ranked as soon as you can. i do reccom3nd doing the story first, ahd then multiplayer.
(Oct. 31, 2020  8:36 PM)Flame-Byxis Wrote: My team and I won a 100X battle in the splatoween event!

Epic job!
I played a roblox version of it (since I don't have a switch) and man was it fun! I can't wait to play the real game!