[Selling]  rock L-drago's Trading Post!!!!Covering A WIde Variety of Stuff for Trades

I am making this thread to trade my stuff for beyblade parts.
Polite offers please. I will list the items I am looking for in priority order. This means that I want a Hasbro burn metal wheel more than PD. I will update this post a lot.
Please P.M me your offers. I will accept the best offer. Don't forget to tell me what you want for the item you are giving me.
I am no longer allowed to trade. I can only pay money now.
Tell me where to send money. I don't have paypal.
Ray Unicorno Face bolt (I will pay 0.75 USD for 1)
Meteo L-drago face bolt ( I will pay 0.75 USD for 1)
BURN (HASBRO ONLY) (I will pay 3.00 USD for 1)
230 (I PUT IT ON THE SAME PRIORITY AS BURN) ( I will pay 3.00 USD for 1)
CH120 (Takara Tomy only) (I will pay 1.50 For 1)
Beylauncher(String Launcher) (I will pay 2.00 USD for one)
Launcher support ( I will pay 3.00 USD for one)
Metal Face (I will pay 1.50 for 1)
P.M me your city, and state if you are willing to offer.
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Please trade. I am not a scammer and will send you the item before you send me your item. If you are going to pay money I will allow that, but my parents rarely let me spend my money, and if somebody trades me one of the items on the list, than it will most likely be beaten unless the money you put on for the trade far surpasses the other trade.
Here are all of the pics.https://picasaweb.google.com/neelamdzbg.blogspot.com/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCMyokdXno-Oq9gE&pli=1#5572541696167366754
Sorry for the blurry images.
P.S The only card that I am actually trading that really has 2 copies of is Gaia the dragon champion.
P.S.S Please trade.
Why is nobody noticing this thread. I hope it is not invisible.
Calm yourself. You quadruple posted. People just dont have any buisness in this thread as of yet.
You quadruple posted within 2 days. Give people some time, you can't expect this to be a big hit. And shouldn't you trade/sell at least 1-2 beys to prevent any chance of having this closed?
Sorry, I don't like giving my beys away. I only get one bey and then move on to another.
(Feb. 14, 2011  3:22 PM)Medadandmom Wrote: do you have any wii games to trade for
As a matter of fact I do. I will post the ones I want to sell when I get home.(In about 4 hrs)
is 80 a real piece i thought 85 was the smallest
(Feb. 15, 2011  6:52 AM)smile556677 Wrote: is 80 a real piece i thought 85 was the smallest
I fixed that. I thought that it did exist seeing it on beywiki.
so when are you going to post all of your games you can trade
My parents said that I couldn't trade any games to anyone.