[Selling]  Rare Metal Fight Beyblades - Jade Jupiter, Duo Uranus, Sol Blaze and more

Hello Smile
I'm selling some Metal Saga Beys
I only accept Paypal but ship to worldwide.
PM me when you want ask somenthing or more photos Smile
Prices in USD
Shipping worldwide around starts from 5usd (depends on weight and location, up to 2kg)
Reservation only for those who pucharased from be before.

Jade Jupiter with stickers 115usd
[Image: 96888985081924c7gen.jpg][Image: 10b2cef1aaf27f47med.jpg]

Duo Uranus 110usd
[Image: e4a012534864cc85med.jpg]

Wing Pegasis 90WF 45usd
[Image: 2493ce90a8ed4ecamed.jpg]

Pegasis 105F 60usd
[Image: 3cc6241874bedff5med.jpg]

Rock Leone 25usd
[Image: 8137ad764f9a37e2med.jpg]

Grand Cetus T125RS + Grand Cetus WD145RS 25usd
[Image: 2bf5fa863f227659med.jpg]

Rest: (pm me offers)
[Image: 07fc0d7e8da0c3d2med.jpg]
[Image: ee20985ba9b3c07cgen.jpg]
[Image: 5816738ddfa73fafgen.jpg]
[Image: dd22e56ce666f3a0gen.jpg]
[Image: 9a4e596608ecb786gen.jpg]
[Image: cc0d9942fe40b907gen.jpg]
[Image: 13e3cefae7852445gen.jpg]
[Image: 5816738ddfa73fafmed.jpg]

Beyblade Burst ACHILLES.00.Dm GOLD VER 30USD
[Image: 36d1ce8fede8cac7gen.jpg]

[Image: 9a0e9c45fa3c43c6med.jpg]
(Sep. 30, 2019  3:04 AM)IPRIMEI Wrote: How much for both Meteo l drago ?
PM me offer, I will consider it Smile