[Selling]  Plastic/HMS - used/mint/NIB !

Hello :)
I'm selling some Plastic, HMS and few Burst  Beys
I only accept Paypal but ship to worldwide.
PM me when you want any bey or more photos :)
Prices in USD
Shipping worldwide around 5-10 usd
Reservation only for those who pucharased from be before.

NIB beys opened to see what was inside the box
Used beys - condition as seen

[Image: IMG-20200725-141756.jpg]

Magical Ape - $55
Gaia Dragoon MS yellow - $10

[Image: IMG-20200725-135524.jpg]
Master Dranzer $9
Black Dranzer SOLD
Dranzer G $65
Dranzer S Black clear $50
Dranzer S Blue clear $30
Dranzer F Red $30
Dranzer V SOLD
Dranzer f $13

[Image: IMG-20200725-135752.jpg]
Dragoon V silver $17
Dragoon v SOLD
Dragoon G $37
Dragoon F $15
Dark Dragoon [b]SOLD

[Image: IMG-20200725-141148.jpg]
Draciel F $10
Draciel F black $15
Draciel V2 SOLD
Driger F $10
Driger F purple $12
Driger S SOLD
Driger V2 SOLD
Dark Driger $25
Driger G $27

[Image: IMG-20200725-140749.jpg]
Rock Bison $20
Cyber Dragoon pearl white $15
Cyber Dragoon Battle Spec. $15
Spike Lizard $15
Dark Dragoon $25
Kerbeus $20

[Image: IMG-20200725-141512.jpg]
Gaia Dragoon V $20
Flash Leopard 2 $10
Gaia Dragoon Metalic Blue $12
Galeon [b]SOLD[/b]
Salaymon $13

[Image: IMG-20200725-141014.jpg]

Uriel/Wolborg 3 $10
Wolborg 2 $13
Wolborg $13
Guardian Driger $10
Wolborg 4 $25

[Image: IMG-20200725-141632.jpg]

Trypio $9 (yellow SOLD)
Wyborg Black SOLD
Wing Defender $6
Metal Dranzer violet $6
Hayate white $4
Hayate blue $4
Vortex Ape $15
Master Driger SOLD
Seaborg SOLD
Galeon white $10
Manta Diver $40

[Image: 2705da9ca7d465c7gen.png]

Salamalyon -SOLD
Voltaic ape -SOLD
Burning Kerberous -$35
Dranzer Auto Change Balancer- SOLD
Flash Leopard -SOLD
Flash Leopard 2 -SOLD
Galman -$30
Wing attacker -$25
Cyber Dragoon - [b][b]SOLD[/b][/b]
Wolborg 2 -$60
Master Dranzer -[b]SOLD[/b]
Sparking Attacker -$40 $35
Galeon- SOLD
Griffolyon -SOLD
MAster Dragoon -$30
Master Draciel -$30
Gaia Dragoon V -$40

Wolborg Metalic Blue NIB $65
[Image: 4.jpg]

Dragoon S Yellow NIB $59
[Image: 3.jpg]

Dranzer F Red NIB $55
[Image: 2.jpg]

Cyber Dragoon Battle spec $55
[Image: 5.jpg]

Dragoon V Silver NIB $65 $49
[Image: dav.jpg]

Guardian Driger NIB $40 $35
[Image: 1.jpg]

Uriel/Wolborg 3 NIB $55 $50
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Dark Draciel NIB 60 usd

Catapult Grip $10

[Image: 6.jpg]

[Image: 7.jpg]

Dragoon G $140
[Image: 9.jpg]

HMS STRING NIP $2 (3 for $5)

[Image: dav.jpg]

[Image: 1ac95d88b07de531gen.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20190609_171813_zpshu9y3ior.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20190609_171717_zpsqvta0rgx.jpg][/b][/b][/color][/b][/color][/b][/b]
Hmm im interested, dunno if I will buy any yet though.
price for all without the keychains
It should work the other way around, haha.

Pruebame, you should PM tybuch that question. Plus, he asks for offers on some of his beys. The most you should post is a 'PM sent' message on this thread.
add Beyblade Starter Deck Trading Cards Smile
Does the Torch Pegasus include the extra bit-chips?
If you mean that one with hole and without sticker- YES
(Oct. 24, 2012  3:02 PM)tybuch Wrote: If you mean that one with hole and without sticker- YES

Thanks, ignore the part of the pm asking about them.
Updated prices Smile Special sale Smile
Keychains no longer available.
I guess I have to ask u back for the money if u got my stickers already
(Dec. 07, 2012  5:19 PM)tybuch Wrote: Sorry they didn't arrive Unhappy
oh what, ppl that complained for the delay of shipment had received their stuff
i cant believe they cant get into ur hands.
it piss me of too, i know that you're good seller and give me my money back but i want those stickers soo much