[Selling]  Might Sell My Beyblades

(Oct. 13, 2019  12:34 AM)Suoh sadboii Wrote: Hey, TH3_BeybladeZen. I'm not gonna buy the big bang Pegasus. I have had a recent need for a slash layer base. Sorry!

Its cool dude!

(Oct. 13, 2019  5:13 AM)Discourse Wrote: I would be interested in these if they haven't sold depending on price:

Earth Eagle (145WD)
Grand Cetus (WD145RS)
Ronin Dragoon (LW160BSF)
Samurai Ifrit (W145CF)
Thief Pheonix

The price doc isn't working for me right now.

Gotcha dude. HMU in my PMs so we can sort this out.

Yo guys later today I'm streaming at 2:00PM for the new event in Fortnite! From what I've heard there is a rocket supposed to obliterate the ENTIRE MAP and I think making NEW Locations! This is all happening on my Youtube Channel. I was thinking of streaming it on Twitch, but I just realized I gave a recap on youtube so I think it's best if I just did it there. Today at 2:00PM Central, the event's going down! Make sure you come and bring your friends, cause this is gonna be crazy!

Recap of the event: https://youtu.be/PdRo52z4eMA
Breaking News: To those of you buying my 'blades, I have made a PayPal account for you guys and I no longer have to send my address out to you guys and vice versa if you dont feel comfortable! So this is how we will do it from now on!