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Welcome! This is a full fledged online radio station called "Digital Sound Online Radio."

We are currently streaming! This week's schedule will be different, and we will be streaming A LOT this week. Head on over and enjoy!

Quote:Radio Summary:

Digital Sound Online is an online radio station broadcasting for entertainment to listeners. We currently have two shows, with one "active."

-Harmonic Sound Waves:

A show created, just to feature music created by people who would like it to be played on the show. Requests for songs to be played can be made to: takasu.mouce@gmail.com , with the subject of "DSOR Request." Please, only request songs made by you, or any of your friends, that do not have a licence or are copyrighted. This will prevent legal problems with our station, since we do not own any licences. We are only trying to promote musicians that aren't very well known.

Current Songs/Tracks:
See bio on station for information.
Request at takasu.mouce@gmail.com

-Let's Talk:
A podcast/talk show, not yet fully implemented. Coming in late 2013 We talk about all the funny and odd things that happen in our lives.

Schedule [EST]:

Start broadcasting: 7:00-7:30
Stop Broadcasting: 4:30-5:30

Start Broadcasting: 7:00-9:00
Stop Broadcasting: 5:30-9:00

Time may vary due to things we have to do in real life. We do have school, events, etc., so please keep that in mind.

Note: Please, don't be afraid of voting "No" in the pole! We want to see what you guys think, so please, tell us the truth! Sometimes, whenever I see a public poll, I'm afraid of the creator getting mad if I put "No," but I'm not like that. Please, show us YOUR opinion!