Pokemon: FX Heroes


New Series, in which the Nintendo Content Guidelines for Vid Sharing are at you for making a series!

Source please?
(Jul. 15, 2019  8:39 PM)UltimateMaster Wrote: Source please?

He created it
(Jul. 15, 2019  8:55 PM)Dt20000 Wrote:
(Jul. 15, 2019  8:39 PM)UltimateMaster Wrote: Source please?

He created it

Oh, ok.

if you are going to make a Pokemon series, Ultimate, click on the bottom link of my first message.
Update go to the link on the bottom before this message!

New Trailer!!
(Jul. 15, 2019  9:01 PM)UltimateMaster Wrote:
(Jul. 15, 2019  8:55 PM)Dt20000 Wrote: He created it

Oh, ok.

What's an FX?  Is that the new thing after GX?
FX is an effect with the Eyes and Strength.

Eyes: the iris turns white, with the pupil having a plus in it, otherwise colored white.

Strength: makes the Pokémon Stronger, which of the punches, and kicks. An FX Punch is 3 times stronger than a normal one, either causing an intense black eye, bloody nose, or a sprain.
[Image: ddhaj5a-034a5caa-d668-42e1-9ca7-03595d0d...IGV8zOEg4s]

1st part of the 1st Episode!
Can I help with some of the artwork?
Dt20000 yes u can.
I hate to break the news, but Pokemon FX Heroes has been renamed to Pokemon GT. https://fishlieft999996.wixsite.com/pkgt (BEST TO SEE ON LAPTOP OR DESKTOP, NOT MOBILE.)
FX Heroes? A friend of mine created a gacha series called Beyblade: FX Heroes like last year