Playing and controlling you beys on the floor ?

Hey, I wanted to show you guys a way the beyblade community in my country used to play like when it wasn't dead (2011-2014 RIP). This was probably even more popular than simply playing in an arena (at one tournament even like 20 people showed up, really great). Not because some kids didn't have one but because I would say, it's more interactive. You control it with the hasbro ripcord and attack, dodge, and jump (can't show that with one hand holding the phone, but hopefully you get the idea) 

I made this thread so some of you can know that this thing exists (more like existed), so if you have any questions ask me Smile
(also no, the tip doesn't get worn out if you play on a smooth terrain)
I used to do this a lot but it really messes up the bey.
Does it? I'm not so sure. It never did for me. However, the exception was when I launched Galaxy Pegasus on the floor, and it hit the wall and made a dent and shattered the bey's energy ring.
It was mostly damage to my performance tip.
In my experience as long as the floor is smooth no damage will occur.
I did this a lot , nut makes my tip dirty.